Understanding Intuition: Insight Eleven

Using an oracle, or divinatory system is a fantastic way to tap into your intuition. Oracles give you shorthand for communicating with the Universe, it’s a built in language that you can study and learn. Divinatory tools have their faults, but they are a great jumping off point for you novice intuitiors. Find a divinatory system that feels right to you, but don’t get too caught up in the system because the most powerful messages usually happen “away from the table”!

4 thoughts on “Understanding Intuition: Insight Eleven

  1. Great information, Shaheen! I started working with the tarot last July but recently have become interested in the Lenormand. Do you fell like one system is better than another depending on the question you are seeking an answer to? Thank you for all you do.

    • Thank you, Beth! I appreciate you following along and being a part of the community. For most people Lenormand can offer more straight forward answers that focus on the day to day, where Tarot works on deeper levels… revealing things that touch on the spiritual and psychological. I think that you can gain the same kind of information depending on how you approach them. What kind of readings do you tend to do? Do you tend to ask about introspective things? Do you tend to ask about more mundane, everyday things?

      • I have done both types of readings but only with the Tarot at this point. I see now where each system has its strengths. Have you ever used both decks in the same reading? For example, started out with the Lenormand then used the tarot to get a different perspective on the same question.

      • One thing about Lenormand is that it’s composed of individual symbols that act like words, when strung together they form sentences. Tarot is much more complex, sometimes hundreds of symbols appear on one cards… an individual Tarot card is more like a page in a book or even a chapter. So with Lenormand the information comes across as much more straight forward… though it always depends on the reader. I have used both at the same time a few times. I don’t find that it adds anything significant… with that being said I think it could be amazing for some people. I would layout the Lenormand first and then add to the layers by pulling a Tarot card to get a deeper perspective. What I have found is the way Lenormand cards are laid out work very well with the Tarot.

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