Fortunate Leaves: Fifth Study

securedownloadMy dear friend Karine from Touched By An Angel Massage Therapy wants to know what she needs to do to move her business forward successfully. So while enjoying a warm cup of tea I focused on Karine, and asked the Universe to give her some insight about what step to take next.

TEA LEAF READING TIP: A tea leaf reading that ask a specific question only addresses the area of time that helps to best answer the question. So in this case the question is dealing with the present and future, so the past will not be address in the cup! 

The most prominent image in Karine’s cup is a fairy woman sitting with her wings spreads, holding her knees. A very powerful and significant image. Karine, this is you. You are contemplating the next move, wondering which path to take. This as a sign that a vision you’ve had, or a dream, is a key facet to what you should do next. This fairy is telling you to meditate, which will bring clarity.

The next symbol is a butterfly. Butterflies are beautiful symbols of freedom and transformation. You are now in a process of metamorphosis and the changes you are undergoing now will absolutely lead you in the right direction. The butterfly is telling you to reinvent your image. Close your eyes and ask yourself, “What do I look like now?” You want to show your spirit to the world, not just a 2 dimensional view… show yourself from all sides in vibrant color.

Are you working on a new logo? The butterfly hints at visual representation. So look at logos, letterheads, business cards, web layouts and posters. Again, show how you look now!

The next symbol that appears is a boat. The boat is about staying afloat, and continuing on. Don’t waver on any area of your business, stay true to the dream. Even in the dream evolves; keep the spirit of the original dream alive! The boat also speaks about location. You may find yourself working in a space that is near water, or has a strong connection to water. Is this something that’s already taken place?

The last symbol is the dove. The dove is about love, and faith. Keep your thoughts positive and continue to manifest the life you want. Don’t be afraid to write down your goals and dreams, and to hold yourself to them. Use your vision board practice as a foundation for creating these business shifts you are seeking.

The dove also seems like a literal sign. The dove may appear to you in some form as a “Yes” or “Go Ahead” from the Universe. Keep your eyes open for this as you move forward.

I hope this offers some insight and clarity to your situation. You are on the right path. The energy feels good. I also see a strong male energy that will be significant in the next few months with your changes. Keep on, keep’in on!

Do you have anything to add, readers? Let’s hear what you have to say. Do you see something different in the cup? Or do you have some insight to add based on the symbols I saw?

Don’t be afraid to participate in the learning process! Share your insight. Ask your questions. You can even perform your own tea leaf reading and post a picture of your cup to the FaceBook page, here. We will see what we can see!!

© Shaheen Miro 2013

4 thoughts on “Fortunate Leaves: Fifth Study

    • Thank you, MM! You should try it out. Tea leaf reading is such a blast. If you have any questions, please let me know. I’m always looking for new things to address. I don’t use standard tea leaf symbols, my approach is from an intuitive and personal symbology standpoint. That’s what I love about tea leaf reading… you can free style!

  1. Dearest Shaheen ♥
    Your are absolutely spot on with everything (I shouldn’t be surprised though).

    The contemplation phase: what I really like about the fairy is that even though I have always felt a strong pull towards the angelic realm (thus my current business name), I have been told repeatedly that the fairy connection was stronger with me! I have indeed spent a lot of time introspecting and feel like things are starting to come together with clarity!

    The butterfly: AH! Another friend of mine who was doing a reading said she was shown a specific image to draw for me, and guess what is was!! A butterfly with tons of energy coming in and out of it And of course, since I am reinventing myself, I am actively working on a new business name paired with a new logo to brand myself!

    The boat: I am every intrigued by the boat in connection to a new location. As this is something that needs to happen and I haven’t started looking yet, I will keep this information in mind….. This should be interesting!

    The Dove: ah ah ah….I am visualizing, using my vision board, keeping a journal at home and just bought one for my purse so I can capture every idea that comes by that makes me jump and smile. I like it as validation symbol or animal to look forward to if I have questions and Spirit is sending me a sign 🙂

    Thank you so much Shaheen. The symbols were very clear indeed from the tea leaves. I appreciate your time, you sipping tea while thinking about me and doing this mini reading.


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