Understanding Intuition: Insight Fifteen

There is a constant stream of thoughts, words and ideas running through our head creating an inner dialogue. In order to tap into your intuition, you must learn to separate your inner voice, from the conglomerated chatter of the world around you (people, TV, radio, co-workers, past conversations). Take time for silence to allow your inner dialogue to unwind, and disentangle from the chaos. In silence you can hear the whispers of intuition, and eventually they will be loud and clear.

9 thoughts on “Understanding Intuition: Insight Fifteen

    • Everyone is intuitive, it’s part of our make up, it’s intrinsic. We are intuitive so that we can navigate through the world… but most people are closed off to their intuition for a number of reasons. Fear. Disbelief. Low self-esteem. Religion. And a general lack of self-awarness.

      Yes, some people are very low functioning intuitives, but everyone has intuition, and actually they use it more than they realize. And it’s also true that intuition comes more naturally to some people… the whole right brain, left brain, whole brain concept comes into play with that.

      Do you feel like you interact well with your intuition?

      • I feel like I interact with it much better than I used to. I’ve always had good intuition (I get it from my mom) but in the past sometimes I didn’t listen to it because I thought it was just paranoia or an overactive imagination or something. Now I’ve learned to trust it more.

      • I think we all battle feelings of fear when it comes to intuition. It is scary at times to get a hit on something, and it not be what you want. That’s why it can be difficult to do readings for yourself or people you are close to because you have to remain objective. I’ve found that intuition comes across very non-judgmental. Instead of it feeling nagging, or scary, it typically feels like you’ve been blasted with a cold chill of air. It just get’s your attention. There’s a subtle difference. How do you feel about it when you are using an oracle?

      • See, when intuition hits me personally, it often manifests itself as fear or dread…for example, I was nearly abducted as a teenager, and long story short, I began to feel almost physically ill talking to the man who almost forced me into his vehicle. Other times, if I’m reading for strangers, if I see something bad I feel sorry for them but I don’t feel fear..it feels almost sad but at at the same time matter-of-fact.

      • Interesting. I’m sorry to hear about that experience. Do you feel like you only have intuitive hits about negative things? What about something good… like you should talk to so and so because they will open a door for your career or something like that?

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