Oracle Deck Review: Under the Roses Lenormand

securedownloadUnder the Roses Lenormand, created by Kendra Hurteau and Katrina Hill, is one of the most fascinating and captivating Lenromand decks I’ve found. As I search through the deck I am pulled into another world with a touch of Charles Dickens whimsy, mixed with gothic mystery and Victorian Romance. There’s a subtle hint of something epic happening beyond the faces of the pictures.

The distinct illustration style makes the deck feel alive and personal; these aren’t static images on cardstock! The portraits are illuminated and vibrating. You feel as if you could step into the images… they characters almost turn and speak. At times I think I can hear the deck whispering, “Step into our world and discovery your story.”

Under the Roses Lenormand is mostly gentle, always direct, with a slight shadow that hangs over every card. The dark side of the deck seems to cast an air of truth. My sense tingle with the invisible glances of looming figures that lurk in London alleys.

securedownload-2This deck is built for anyone who wishes to work with Lenormand, whether you are new or seasoned! Each fabulous illustration is accompanied by a list of keywords printed directly of the face of the image. This list is a mix of traditional and contemporary meanings that offer insightful suggestions. This adds another layer to the cards offering you the opportunity to use the card for creative prompts, such as writing, mind mapping and path working. Included are 4 extra cards that explain how to use the deck, including the Grand Tableau, and a unique spread called, “Under the Roses Spread”.

securedownload-1Not only are the images rich and vibrant, but the card stock is really great quality. The deck comes in a plastic protective case, and a velvet drawstring bag. But, this is the self published version of Under the Roses wish is no longer available! Under the Roses has been picked up by US Game Systems for publication later this year! Congratulations, ladies for an exciting opportunity!

The deck will soon be available to all you hungry cartomancy enthusiast!!

If you are looking for a Lenormand deck with presence… Under the Roses is for you! Every reading feels like you are getting closer to solving some epic mystery… if you figure it out let me know!

Next, we will have an interview with Kendra Hurteau, co-creator of Under the Roses Lenormand!!


© Shaheen Miro 2013


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