The Gypsy’s Tricks for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection: Limpia With An Egg

Many people have contacted me asking about egg cleansings. Sometimes referred to as, “Limpia”, which is Spanish meaning, “cleaning”.

This technique of spiritual cleansing using an egg is connected to many different cultures and traditions because the egg has long been regarded as symbol of life, the connotation being the it takes on energy. I have cherished this particular technique for many years because I have had so much personal success with it.

At one point my family had adopted a puppy that had been malnourished, and could not walk because her leg bones had grown faster than the ligaments. She was walking on her joints. I did this technique one night before bed, and the next morning her legs were fine and she began walking like normal! It was surreal.

When using the egg you are essential going through the person’s aura, and body, pinpointing specific areas if necessary, and allowing the eggs sponge like properties to absorb the energy. The egg traps the energy. The negativity transfers from you, to the egg.

Think about this when choosing where you buy your eggs… because even when they aren’t being used in a cleansing session, eggs can take on negative vibrations!

Self-cleansing To perform an egg cleansing on yourself there are two ways you can do it. Either in combination with a spiritual bath, or on it’s own.

  1. Start with a fresh egg. Wash the egg in a bath of salt water and lemon juice before you begin.
  2. Breathe deeply and relax. Say a prayer to whatever high power you wish. Ask for their assistance and blessing. Imagine the egg being touched by their presence.
  3. Hold the egg in your dominant hand and begin rubbing it over your body. You can either touch your body, or hold it a few inches above the surface.
  4. Begin at the head, working down to the eyes, the throat, the heart area, the shoulders, down the left (or right) arm and touching the palm.
  5. Switch hands here and run the egg down the right (or left) arm and touching the palm. Then switch back.
  6. Work the egg down the torso, to the navel, and the groin, down each leg, stopping at the feet and touching the soles.
  7. If you have a specific area that is in pain, or is affected, hold the egg there for a few minutes.
  8. Seal the aura with a protective oil such as bergamot, pine, sandalwood or vetiver. Dilute this in olive oil and rub over the body.
  9. Now, if you are NOT taking a cleansing bath. Dispose of the egg by breaking it in the toilet and flushing it. Then dump a cup of salt and lemon juice down the toilet. Or throw the egg into a running stream. Or near a tree off of the property.
  10. If you are taking a cleansing bath. Leave the egg in the tub while you soak. Allow it to absorb more stray energy as you relax and unwind.
  11. When you are finished with you cleansing bath, follow step 8 and 9.

Extra Tips

  • Hold the egg at the base of the head, where the skull and the spine meet. This is one of our receptive areas. Energy tends to enter here. This will help remove any strong attachments.
  • Think of the egg as you would a sage smudge and “sweep” through the aura. Some energy is like a parasite and this allows the egg to pull it out!
  • Sleep with an egg under your bed, either in a cup of water, or in a bowl of sand. The egg will absorb negative energy from your aura, and the room while you sleep. This can help with nightmares as well. Dispose of the egg every few days!
  • You can break the egg into a bowl of water after you’ve done the initial cleansing and look at the yoke. Make sure to let the egg yoke settle in the water. If you are skilled at this you can determine how the cleansing fared by the shapes that are formed. Much like tea leaf reading. 
    • Bubbles and globs mean the energy was absorbed. This is typical.
    • Strings can mean that a more deliberate energy was pulled from the aura.
    • Black dots, or blood mean that something major was pulled from the aura. Or illness was removed. Repeat the process again.
    • If the egg cracks. Repeat the process, and focus on the area of the body where the egg cracked.
    • DO NOT GET STUCK ON THIS! All that matters is the act of rubbing the egg over your body and disposing of it…Do the technique again if you feel you need more results.

I hope these techniques offer something for your spiritual practice!

Click Below to Watch this Video of an Egg Cleansing Demonstration!!


Please, let me know if you have any other questions.

If you would like me to interpret the patterns formed by your egg. Please follow the steps, break the yoke into a cup of water and take several pictures. Make sure to photograph the results in good light, from a few different angles. You can email me the photos. Purchase your egg interpretation here. 

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Disclaimer These techniques, as well as, ALL other spiritual cleansing techniques 

DO NOT replace sound medical advice and treatment.

These are ONLY techniques for spiritual and energetic use! 

Make good choices with your health.

Use spiritual practices in combination with medical ones.

I am NOT a doctor, nor am I liable for your health. 

These techniques are for your personal use. 

Use at your own risk! 

© Shaheen Miro 2014

151 thoughts on “The Gypsy’s Tricks for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection: Limpia With An Egg

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  2. i do a egg cleansing but nothing happen.i follow your instructions what have i done wrong.can i read it first and then flush please help me

    • Hello Jackie,

      No worries about the time difference. When doing any type of cleansing it may not be an instant thing. Especially if you are removing layers and layers of energy.

      I would repeat the process a few times. Traditionally you perform a spiritual cleansing for 3, 7, 9 or 13 days in a row. Try this and see how things turn out.

      It doesn’t sound like you are doing any thing “wrong”. This method is very simple, as long as you stay very intent on what you are doing. I would make sure as you go through the process you say some type of prayer, or affirmation that lines up with your intention.

      What appeared in the egg when you cracked them open? Bubbles, lines, colors, shapes, anything?

      Sometimes it is insightful to crack the egg and let it dry. Then read the shapes that have formed in the dried egg yoke.

  3. after the cleansing process iimmedily dispose it must i do first the reading and then flush it .i didnt check for and marks
    thank you for understanding please walk with me through the cleansing process

    • Hello Jackie.

      If you are doing the cleansing, and you want to check the egg for possible signs then you need to crack the egg open first, check for any signs, and then dispose of it.

      When doing the cleansing you basically want to rub the egg over your entire body, as you would with a bar of soap… visualize the negative energy/attachments being absorbed from your aura, and into the egg. Say a prayer while doing this, or some type of affirmation.

      When finished, crack the egg open into a small bowl and look for signs. Then dispose of it.

      Repeat this for 3,7,9, or 13 days. See what results come after.

      Also, you can use this technique with the other spiritual cleansing methods. Don’t be afraid to try more than one.

      All the best,

  4. i do it again the egg was so messing the egg smell so bad.the was break the part of the shield at the bottom.maybe the was not rigtht thanks for yout respond

    • Jackie, when performing the cleansing you want to make sure the egg does not break. And also make sure it is a fresh egg. If the egg cracks and smells during the cleaning then it may be a sign that some heavy energy is present I your aura and I would repeat the process.

    • The process of doing the cleansing with an egg is dependent on what you see afterwards. That is more a divinatory system to give you some ideas about the energy at work around you. If you see nothing in the yoke, then there isn’t any peculiar energy lingering around you. If you feel that nothing has changed, I would repeat the process for a series of days. Once a day for 3, 7, 9 or 13 days. I hope that helps!

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  6. I have heard that the egg needs to be fertilized or with a chick for the best results. Is this something you have heard or recommend? Or do the eggs just come from your local grocery store? Also does it matter if it’s a brown or white egg?

    • Hello Vee, Some traditions do say that you should use a fertilized egg, etc. But this to me doesn’t make sense because it would absolutely show traces of blood, etc. Seems more like a scare tactic. The egg that you use in a cleansing can be either brown, or white. Though I prefer to use a white egg. It can be from the local grocery store… get free range and organic. I like to use fresh eggs from the farm. I try to keep people from getting stuck on the “superstitious” aspects of these techniques.

  7. i got this done for me before 2 times one time is looked like black snakes the next time it was like bubbles with red dots it looked like something were not shower if it was bubbles. can you tell me what happen both times

    • Without seeing photographs I am unable to give you any insight. I would suggest doing the cleansing again if you do not feel satisfied with the results. All the best, Shaheen

  8. Hello,

    So, I perform the egg cleansing just by saying a prayer about the person who I want to be cleansed, myself, and then crack the egg in a glass of water. When I crack the egg, I only pour out the egg white. The results were very disturbing and I’d like to know what they mean. White clouds rose up to the surface of the water and formed what looked like a golfball. The rest of the water was completely filled with bubbles and white strings. If you could give me any input on the interpretation, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you.

  9. I did a cleansing on my daughter and on the yolk park it had a small medium size circle around it kinda like an eye do you know what that means ???

  10. I have a question i haven’t been the same for awhile i was fine for along time then my boyfriend came in December and i was fine then i got sick and people tell me mean comments to and im a good person never did nothing wrong to no one to hate me and i feel someone has done a spiritual on me

  11. I have a few questions. First, does the lemon juice have to be fresh or can it be from the bottle? Second, if we want to break the egg to look at it, are we supposed to break it in the same bowl of salt water & lemon juice or a different bowl of regular water? Last, does the type of water make a difference (i.e. filtered, bottle, tap etc)? I ask because our water is reverse osmosis so we use filtered water with salted system and wasn’t sure if something like that would affect the reading. Thanks

    • Hello! The lemon juice is better if it is fresh. The egg should be broken into a separate bowl of regular tap water. For the bath it is nice to use spring water. Or something very fresh.

  12. Sorry to bother you, i have a question I did an egg cleansing and then put it in glass of water and I was tol to put the glass of water with egg under my bed over night and throw the egg the next day in toilet flushed well I forgot to throw the glass of water with the egg the next I left it under my bed for 2 or 3 days is it still ok or do I need to do another cleansing now, please respond thank you so much, I appreciate your wife

  13. When I did my cleansing the next day when I was reading my egg I noticed my glass was cracked my egg was really bad had a bad smell no blood a lot of lil white bubbles murky water and webs I wanted to know that it means if the glass cracks? thanx much.

  14. Hi I have done this technique .
    I purchased a white egg only ,then I brought it home and wash it ,place it on a white circle plate , then i left it there for a while , and thought of all the bad energies to be taken away from me.
    I had a shower to cleanse my body , i place a cup of water on the white circle plate ,then pick up the egg , then I rubbed the egg , all over my crown of my head and rubb it everywhere on my body from top to toe and underneath .
    When I was ready I cracked the egg into the glass of water gently,
    Then then placed the plate with the glass of water , with egg in it. Under my bed , and woke up tosmallning to find what I have seen .
    I am pretty sure it worked as I have a straen of clear yolk running around the outside and swiggels inbetween , and long stands lifting up to the top of glass

    • It sounds like your cleansing worked well. It is something that I like to repeat a few times to make sure everything is really cleansed, and blocks are removed. If you want me to interpret your egg after the cleansing you can purchase an interpretation session and email me pictures. All the best!

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  16. Hello I got it right the egg I used was bubbly and stringy like there’s strings on top of water what does this mean?

  17. Hi
    Someone told me to do the egg cleanse only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a YouTube video said Tuesdays and Fridays before midnight. I see that you said you can do it for three days, etc. Does it really matter? Why would someone say it had to be on certain days.

  18. I’m broke all the time I’ve done limpias and they work for a day or two but it always comes back I’m depressed all the time nothing seems to work out it’s like there is something that follows me it seems to jump from me to my son I’ve done us both at the same time and a day or two later it’s back in the water I see bubbles packed like a dozen of eggs on top of the water I get so depressed I sleep a lot if you have any advice please contact me I feel so alone with no one to help.

    • When doing spiritual cleansing you are removing the negative energy. You must also fill that space with positive vibrations… thought forms, energies from crystals and botanicals, etc. And then seal the aura to keep things at bay. Trying the egg limpia, and then anointing yourself with florida water can be very helpful.

  19. I have done it for a number of times n i have good resalt,but how do i protect mysalf with the egg?I use to get 1/4 of gold at my work place but after the process i had a pound of good.But protection!

    • Hello Abdul, The egg is not meant to be used for protection. Think of the egg as a vacuum. It absorbs negative energy, but it does not keep it at bag. You can protect yourself with crystals, oils and visualization. If you would like to set up a consultation we can create a unique practice for you to protect yourself.

  20. Hi there i remmember that one day when i was little some bad energy went to me because of a rat . So after that happen i started acting weird by that i mean well from what i remmember and what my family told me . I could’nt walk because every little trash i see in the floor i will get scared . I would make a huge deal about it . Its like if i was was seeing a little demon in front of me. My mom told me that my reaction towards that was so well how do i say this it was crazy.And we do live in nyc so we do see trash on the floor like every block. So then i remmember my mom had to carry me and she took me to this place that i did’nt knew . I remmember seeing people there and my mom told me it was okay she knew these people so from what i remmember is this guy rubbing is rubbing an egg on me and i remmember thinking what is this so when he was rubbing the egg in my in my left arm i felt like energy was going inside the egg almost like running towards it .And after that i felt normal again i got the fear away . My told me it was the job of the lord and this person .

  21. Hi. I did the egg cleanse tonight and i was wondering do i crack the egg into the glass of water and then put it under my bed for the night or do i just get rid of it right after the cleansing. Thanks if can get back to me.

  22. I tried the egg cleanse I saw a few bubbles and some long white lines, but I didn’t throw the egg in a drain or flush it I just throw it in the back of my yard would it make a difference, and I didn’t throw the salt water and the lemon juice either

    • Hello Glenda. The egg needs to be flushed, or thrown off of your property. This removes the energy held in the egg from your life. If you throw it on your property then you are essential planting that negative “seed” back into your life.

  23. So if I do it again and disposed it the right way will it help to remove the negative from the one I had the thrown on the property?

  24. Hi,

    For the bath do I crack the egg in the water or just have it with me in the water? Also, what type of water do I have to use to crack the egg into and bath in?

    • Hello Anna, You can add the egg to your bath (not cracked) then you can toss it out after, or crack it into a clear glass of fresh tap water. You can look for any signs in the yoke. This is just an added step!

  25. Hello…do I crack the egg in the bath or keep it whole while bathing in it? Also, can I do this 13 times in a row or it has to be different days?

  26. Hi I did the cleansing and mine came out looking like webs, bubbles on the surface and tiny little bubbles where the webs are at.. What does this mean? Thank you

    • Hello Jess, I offer a service interpreting eggs cleanings. You can find the link at the bottom of this article to pay for it. Send the pictures to me and I will give you my insight. That is the only way I can tell you what it might mean. Thanks

    • Hello Mosee, You can put the egg under your bed in a glass of water, without breaking the egg. And in the morning you would dispose of the egg off of your property. or break it into the toilet and flush it down. You can do this for 3, 7, 9 or 13 days in a row. Using a new egg each time.

  27. A spiritualist performed an egg cleansing on me yesterday. Firstly i was told to rub the egg over my entire body. He then placed the egg in cloth and while praying he rubbed the egg all over me then held it under my ribs and belly and asked me to break it. The egg was really hard to break, it was like trying break a metal ball. I managed to eventually break the egg the messy contents was in the cloth. I could feel it. The sharmon/spiritualist opened the cloth in front of me, it did not leave my sight and i could not believe still can’t that from the yoke he pulled out rope with eight knots in it. He then cleansed my hands with salt and told me that it was 8 times i had been hurt by someone. Unreal and feel heaps better overall, lighter not so heavy inside.

    • Hello Kelly, Thank you for sharing this experience. It is very fascinating to hear about others success with the egg cleansing. I do believe these things can happen, but I always urge people to make sure they are working with a trust worthy practitioner.

  28. To seal the aura, how much sandalwood to olive oil should be used? 1:1? After getting the correct amount I t should be rubbed all over the body then leave it or can it be washed away after rubbing it all over the body?

    • I would do 12-15 drops in a 1 ounce of oil. That is a good mix, and a good amount to use. Unless you have sensitive skin. Always check. You can rub it all over your whole body like you would lotion. or place on the pulse points… wrist, behind the knees, base of neck and temples.

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      • My husband had some work done and when the lay cracked the egg there was an albino baby snake and hair is this possible? Or are we being scamed she didn’t ask for more money however but she did say it was rooted in him and would take several cleanings as there are many layers and she said she is not looking for more money.

      • Hello. Thank you for relaying your story to me. Is it possible? Yes, when it comes to energy and spiritual phenomenon anything can happen. Is it common? No, it would be very rare for something like this to happen. But I cannot say for certain about this situation. But I hear these stores very, very, very often about people seeing something sinister in their egg, the healer advises that they need another cleansing, and eventually it leads to some form of deceit. My suggestion is to 1. Follow your intuition. Does the person feel right to you? 2. Measure your results. How do you feel after the sessions? 3. Book a session with someone else to get another opinion. In order for me to give you prober advice I would need to book a session with you, and spend the time exploring your energy/situation. Please, let me know if I can help. Shaheen

  30. My grandmother was from Puerto Rico and did the limpia only in the dark with an egg she had wrapped in a handkerchief. I remember her having the egg at church, putting in the Holy water bowl. I thought she was strange. She also would collect rain water and keep eggs in there. Always worked! It was shown to her by her grandmother who was an islander. Not sure where. So her limpia ritual was old and passed down first hand.

    • I love hearing this powerful stories of people having this tradition passed down to them. It gives so much insight into the process. I am not sure where her grandmother was from, but I assume that there was still a strong Catholics tradition connected to her practice since she used the holy water. I have not heard of it being done only in darkness, but it makes sense as it was often used in sickrooms which were often kept very dim. The handkerchief makes sense too as they are often used in relation to energy work and cleansing. Was the hankerchief white or red? Or just a random color/print?

    • Hello Mark. I would have to see it to give an accurate description. But I if it is thick, opaque and white, then I would say it means there is a heavy energy veiling you.

  31. Hello,

    My mother is Mexican and she does limpias on me occassionally. She does not know how to read the egg. A few minutes ago, she was about to finish the limpia and it broke. She put the egg yolk in a clear glass. It had some bubbles and strings. I was teading your article and I wanted to know a more defined meaning of the strings. Thank you.

    • Hello There. Thank you for sharing your experience. I would first suggest doing another cleansing if the egg broke before she broke it intentionally. Strings can mean many things… But basically they are energetic cords that are being pulled out. I would have to see the egg to give a specific reading on your situation. You are welcomed to do another cleansing, photograph the egg in the water, and send me the images for an interpretation. You can find a link in the article to pay for an egg reading.

      • Hello Shaheen I just want to know 2 things first of all is it important to know how to read the egg after a cleansing with it and second i wanted to ask you what other methods out there are good for protection and to avoid bad vibes thank you, i hope to hear from you soon.

      • Hello. To answer your first question… No you do not have to read the egg. That is not a necessary step in the process, and it is often the one that people get the most fixated on. Doing the cleansing is the important part, and then doing the proper work to keep yourself cleansed… And to change your mental/emotional state to match. To answer your second question… There are so many methods for spiritual protection. I have tons of articles on how to cleanse and protect yourself. Find one that works well for you. The most important is to cultivate right relationship with yourself, and the world around you. Making sure to have positive, nourishing and empowering thoughts. And to only interact with people, and situations that build you up. A simple technique I like to use is working with crystals to amplify my intentions. Black tourmaline is a wonderful stone to keep with you. And selenite. Also, I keep a bottle of my aura elixir with me at all times to help lift my aura and keep me in high vibe. You can get a bottle here on my website.

    • No, the egg cleansing is done with the solid egg. The egg is like a vacuum pulling out and holding the negative energy accumulated in your aura. Then the egg is disposed of it release the energy. I hope that helps!

  32. Hi. Please, tell me that if we keep an egg under the bed to remove negative energies from the body as well as the room, for how many days do we need to keep it there? and should the egg be just thrown away or to be broken to see the shape of the egg yolk? Awaiting your response. Thanks in advance!

    • Hello, You can place the egg under your bed in a cup. Some people like to fill the cup with water, and pray over it. You can also place the cup on your nightstand. Remove the cup each morning, or leave it for a few days. Your situation and the quality sleep will help you decide. You can just dispose of the egg in the trash… I recommend outside of your home. Don’t fuss with looking at the shapes. Shaheen

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  34. Hello,
    Thank you so much for this information! I would love to do the cleansing but I have a few questions:

    1. Where can those types of oils be purchased to seel the aura? I’m from a small town and there aren’t very many choices.
    2. Can the cleansing accidentally attract any type of negative spirits or etc? I’m only asking because I get nervous lol and because I don’t want to get into a situation where things may get worse instead of better.

    I really feel like for the last few years there have been forces working against me and I’m hopeful for the outcome of this.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hello Ashley, and thank you for your comment.

      You can purchase many oils online, or through a natural food store. I also create custom blend oils for people, and would be happy to create a mix and mail it to you.

      When you perform a cleansing I suggest keeping a few things in mind. You are extracting negative energy, and influence from your life and aura. You should be mindful of what created that negative influence… It could be thoughts and emotions, your environment, interaction with other people, or something stronger… Or a combination of all of the above.

      When doing a cleansing make sure you give yourself space to relax, meditate and align yourself with those positive intentions. The added protection of using an oil, crystal, or just repeating an affirmation helps to seal your aura and keep negative energy at bay.

      I cannot comment on your specific situation without doing a session with you, but the above is a general guidelines for most instances. Though there are time when a stronger working is needed, and it might be advisable to seek spiritual help and guidance… Which I am always happy to give.

      Please, let me know if you would like a protection oil, or anything else I can do. Use the contact form to send me a private email.

      All the best,

    • Hello Imperia. I do not typically read eggs without seeing photos. When you say scrambled do you mean the yoke was already broken up when you cracked the egg? Or do you mean there was a lot of white in the egg? I would suggest doing it again. It could mean there is a lot of negative, or conflicting energy around her. You can find a link to pay for a reading and email me photos so that I can interpret them. And I would suggest doing some cleansing work on yourself, and your home. I hope that helps. Shaheen

      • Yes the egg was alrdy broken up when i cracked the egg. I will send you a picture next time i do her one.. I was told it was because they were doing witchcraft on her so i had to ask.. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    • Hi. I was just wondering if you would know what it means if you forget the prayer while doing a cleansing on someone, or yourself? I am a true believer cleansing with an egg but about a week ago I was cleansing my husband and in the middle of the Our Father, my mind just went blank. So I started again, but I wasn’t even sure if I was saying it right.

      • Hello Connie, I would safeguard yourself wile doing a cleansing by writing out the prayer and placing it on a table next to you. Typically we would have a few tools laid out to use. But remember, the words are not as important as the intention. But you could have experienced forgetting because you were releasing some major energy that caught you off guard. I hope that helps, Shaheen

    • Depending on the situation, I would assume that the cleansing was successful and it absorbed some heavy energy. I would follow the process with a spiritual cleansing bath for both of you.

  35. I was wondering what it means if the egg cracks in the middle of the limpia. I had it crack on my arm yesterday

    • Hello Amy, great question… And one that I get pretty often. If your egg breaks it is usually an indicator that some very heavy energies were removed, and you should dispose of it right then and begin again. I would suggest doing a series of cleansings to help mitigate whatever is energetically ailing you. Please, let me know if you have any other questions. Shaheen

  36. I did a cleansing on my daughter
    Bubbles , lines & the egg nog looked cooked .. If you can plz give me a respnonse back of what it can mean? Please … Thank you !

    • Hello Brenda. Thank you for contacting me. I hesitate to interpret eggs without seeing photos. But I would read that as some energies were removed… Something heavy and a bit limiting. I do not know the nature of her situation. If she has some phsyical illness, or emotional heaviness happening around her. But this is a good indicator that the energy was extracted. I would repeat the process a few times and do some added spiritual protection. Shaheen

    • Hello Linda, I received your egg and will do the reading shortly. You would not crack the egg and then place it under the bed. If you want to place the egg under the bed you should place the whole egg into a glass of water and then place it under or next to the bed. Imagine the egg is a vacuum, and it absorbs negative energy as it is programmed to do. Shaheen

  37. Hi my husband is from Mexico and has been doing the egg cleansing on me because I’ve been very Ill and the doctors can’t find out what is wrong but every time he cleanses me the egg comes out the same when we put it in the glass of water the yolk is covered by the whites of the egg but it’s so cloudy you can’t see through it and looks horrible we don’t know how to read it but it’s the same every time please help.

    • Hello, Thank you for contacting me. I cannot speak on the medicinal issues you are expeicning, but from a spiritual/energetic perspective it seems as though you are caught in a bundle of negative energy. This could be sourced from a number of places. First, you want to remain in a place of love, and uplift meant… It can be difficult, but fear can create more of these negative energies. I suggest doing more than just an egg cleansing. You might try a spiritual cleansing bath, and working with your guides. If you are open to it, Archangle Michael is a powerful entitie to work with for these issues. I would love to set up a private session to look at your situation in more depth so I can offer some suggestions. Shaheen

  38. Hi im linda…i did the egg cleanse and noticed webs in the glass on top of the yoke what does that mean any negative energy?

    • Hello Linda, Thank you for the question. Yes, typically in an egg cleansing we read webs as negative energy that has been wrapped around you being removed. Often times I you will repeat the cleansing until there aren’t any webs, or very little. And continue to do any cleansing and protection work outside of the egg. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there are people working on you or anything… It can literally be that you are caught in a web of negative thinking (which is most often the case). Shaheen

  39. I tried this. When I cracked the egg, there were air bubbles and it fell slowly. The white was mostly clear and fluid, but the yolk looked pale yellow and was hard as though it had been the yolk of a hard boiled egg. (The egg was raw when I started and usually has dark yellow yolk.) Do you know what this means?

    • Hello Sandra, Without seeing the egg I would say… Repeat the process again. It sounds like you have some energy clouding you that could be mental/emotional/spiritual. It doesn’t sound like anything directly sent to you… More your state of being at the moment. I would also do some other cleansing practices and prayer work. Shaheen

      • I recently did my 2nd limpia… But I had a few pins.. Shooting from the yolk.. Also a big bubble with almost a tornado like form connecting to the yolk.. Also my yolk was cooked.. Also short lines shooting down from the top of the glass And a white dot on yolk.. Is this bad?

      • Hello Jessica. So glad you decided to do an egg cleansing for yourself. It sounds like there was a lot happening in your egg. I cannot read an egg without seeing photographs. But my suggestion is to do another cleansing and see what the results are. Then follow with some protection oil. Shaheen

  40. Hi. I’ve placed the egg under the bed twice and in both occasions, the egg cracked and bubbles came out. The first one stink awful lot, (after 7 days under the bed) the second one cracked but didn’t smell (but i noticed on the third day so I took it out immediately) Would you mind if I ask if that’s a bad thing or a good thing? Many thanks

    • Hello Ria, Wonderful to hear from you, and thank you for sharing your experience. It sounds like in both cases some heavy energetic blocks were removed. I would repeat the process a few more times, and follow up with a cleansing bath and some protection work. Doing some cleansing throughout the day along with visualization will be very beneficial. You can mist some Aura Elixir around you during the day and before bed as another added measure, and visualize white light surrounding you in protection. Just remember… the eggs job is to remove negative energy so when the egg displays signs of negative energy that is a good thing… your detoxing. Shaheen

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    • Hello. Can you tell me what method you used to do the cleansing? Was it a fresh egg that you blessed, and passed over your body once and then cracked? or did it sit for a series of days? Traditionally this would mean that something heavy and harmful has been removed.

  42. I left an egg in water under my bed for 9 days. I noticed after 7 days the water looked dirty. Last night was my 9th night. I woke up I’m the middle of the night happy , praying knowing everything is going to be ok. This morning the egg was cracked in 4 different spots there were brown dots floating. What does this mean?

    • Hello Diana, Typically if the egg cracks at any point during a cleansing session… without you dropping it or doing anything to it. It means that it has pulled some major negative energy, and should be repeated. Shaheen

    • Hello Denise, You can send me an email through the contact form. I can offer some suggestions via articles I have written. or we could do a consultation to get a full scope of what is happening with your daughter and how best to address the situation. All the best, Shaheen

  43. Hello and thank you in advance. Ive just done a cleanse and I did have one big bubble and just two other small ones. The big one floated to the top immediately. The thing I am wondering about is the thick halo of white that was right on top of the egg. Could you please tell me, what does that mean?

    • Hello Shirley, Thank you for sharing your cleansing experience. I always remind people that the reading part of the cleansing is just an extra layer… the cleansing is the most important part. Because I cannot see the image it is hard to read. But bubbles typically mean success with the working… and maybe some specific attachments that were released. A circle or halo can be a sign of success. Or an attachment that is still present. Depending. Always trust what you feel. If you’re unsure do the cleansing again. A series of 3 cleansing sessions is a wonderful start. Shaheen

    • Hello. There is no exact way to do the cleansing. Just traditional suggestions. However, I highly recommend using something to seal your aura after the cleansing. Think about it like you are cleaning a wound, and you want to bandage it to keep out infection. If you do not have any special blend or essential oil for protection you can simply use Olive Oil like you buy from the store. Put some of the oil in a separate bottle just for this use. Hold it in your hands, near your heart and pray over it. Ask for the light of Spirit to fill it with healing and protective vibrations.

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  46. Hello I been doing you’d egg cleaning for 3 day last night I did the egg and bath cleansing f today after the egg celadon I got light head feel like my body lost all the energy the first couple of day I found lots of bubble and strung in the eggs today thx egg sink to the bottom of the water there were barely any bubbles but my body got super tired i

      • Hi Shaheen – I need your urgent help. Suddenly I am feeling weakness all over body, left eye below skin is like muscle spasm feeling, feel like my brain doing something strange and I don’t feel my heart like regular heartbeat i don’t feel but i know it is beating fine.

      • Hello Singh, Before I would be able to help you I suggest you consult with a doctor. It sounds like you have some health related issues cropping up… you need to be sure that nothing is physically wrong. Shaheen

  47. Hello ,am feel like having elementals attached in my aura as i feels like something crawling in my body..please let me know the process to completely eject it from my body..

    • Hello Vivek. Thank you for reaching out to me. I would love to work with you. In order to best help you I suggest scheduling a session so we can take a look at what is happening, why it is happening and how to address it. If you would like to schedule a session please send me a message through the contact form. Shaheen

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  50. Hi! Someone came over to do this to my brother, when we checked the cup for the results, the cup was tipped over, the water was gone, and the yoke only was in the cup, what does this mean? I’ve been researching for answers, but there is none. Thank you!

    • Hello Jairee, Thank you for your question. I would assume that means that the energy was pretty powerful that was released. I always remind people the the results are more important than what the yoke says. Did the cleansing seem successful?

  51. Hi i had a friend do the egg cleansing on me for the first time. I left the egg on my nightstand for about a hour an a half when I came back to look at it a black hair was formed in one of the strings floating up an it’s definitely not one of mine. Can you tell me what this means? Thanks

    • Hello Don. You can purchase an egg cleansing. Once you do send me a message through the contact form at the top of the page letting me know the details of your cleansing: situation, why you performed the cleansing, who it was for, and how you’ve felt after. Then I you will have my email and you can send over photos. Shaheen

  52. Hello today I did a limpia cleanse. When I finish I put the egg in water I see a clear bubble on top of the yellow yoke what do this mean in the limbia cleanse.

    • Josie, I am not sure what you are wanting to substitute this for. But if that if you have mobility issues and cannot us the egg all around your body that is okay. You can hold it in your hands for a few minutes and allow the negativity to drain into the egg. Shaheen

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