Goodbye 2015. Hello Creative Adventure 2016.



All the Good Holiday Vibes

What a powerful day. Out and about in the world, dreaming, connecting with friends, touching crystals and drinking almond chai! There is so much inspiration in the air. Energy is stirring as the year ends, catapulting into our Creative Adventure for 2016!

I hope you are feeling all those good vibes swirling around out there. The bustle isn’t just from the holidays, people, there is big change in the air and I know you are feeling it too! I keep opening myself up to this flow of energy… I want to ride the wave!

How are you feeling right now? Are you anxious and excited for the Holidays, or the bright New Year? Are you doing lovely things for yourself? Self-love is the best love… really it’s the gift that keeps on giving… and gives you more love vibes to spread around. All I want for my Holiday is to spread more love. Give more big magic. And stay inspired.

Make a list of all the ways you won in 2015. Really go in and explore… how were you a creative genius, a boss, the most luminous you? Write it down in big, lovely, BOLD words.

Now pat yourself on the back! Give yourself a big kiss. Maybe a little sweet treat. And say THANK YOU! You did awesome this year… and you’re going to close 2015 out with a BANG!

Write down all the pitfalls, hurdles and shortcomings of 2015. What scared the hell out of you? Caught you off guard? Failed miserably? Write it down in big RED ink. Let them be ominous on the page.

Rip it up, toss it in the trash! Scream: BYE, BYE! Thanks for showing me how I can rock out my 2016.

The garbage from 2015 was nothing more than an experience. You learned from it. You learned: What feeds your spirit, and what doesn’t. Where you need to focus your efforts, and where not to. How you are limiting yourself, pushing yourself, and not being in communion with your powerful inner creative.

Now you can refocus your 2016. Step into your personal flow. Expect magic. Be clear. Watch it unfold.

You’ll never become who you wish to be, by reaming who you already are.

Want to make big changes in your life? Live magical? Attract good energy? Make your dreams come true? LIVE IT UP IN 2016?

I thought so…

Sign up for the SPECIAL: Your Creative Empowered Adventure 2016 Sessions! 

  • We will clear away the blocks left over from 2015. Celebrating, blessing and releasing everything that held you back, and built you up.
  • We will set NEW, empowered, and intuitively guided intentions for 2016.
  • We will ask Spirit how you can best achieve your goals while staying in the flow, living your big, creative adventure.
  • We will discuss ways to take action with bite-sized steps that feel safe, easy, and doable.
  • We will create your RESCUE REMEDY for when things fall apart. When you get low, dark, weak or too warn out to go on. When the –ish just hits the fan!

Take a POWER STEP into 2016. Get wild, be creative and live free. Do big things, and experience big magic.

Your Creative Empowered Adventure 2016 is a series of one-on-one Intuitive Coaching sessions (in-person or via phone). I will personally work with you to gain insight into your unique energetic story. Figure out where you are blocked up, and how we can cleanse and clear away stagnant energy. And look into to you, and your life to find the best path to flow into all your wildest desires. Included email support, actionable steps, and other goodies! 

Register for January 2016: $350


Touch base with an Intuitive Consultation to get a peek into 2016! 

Sending you lots of good Holiday wishes, high vibes, yummy foods, big cups of tea, and all the love!


Oh, Are you looking for some last minute gifts??

Check out my High Vibe Holiday Gifts! 

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How to Overcome Creative Paralysis and Anxiety

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