A Magical Bath for New Beginnings with Sweet Almond and Basil


BasilBotanicalIllustrationWinter looms heavy around us, and yet the possibilities of New Beginnings are blooming everywhere. The New Year has greeted you with opportunity for change and clarity of your personal vision. Now is the time to supercharge your aura with the magnetism to attract positive influence and numerous blessings.

Slipping into the cocoon of a warm bath is one of the most healing rituals. Adding the appropriate stones, oils, botanicals and other energetic accouchements imbues the water with crystal clear intent. This ceremony calls on the power of Basil and Sweet Almond oil to charge the bath, uplift the spirit and sooth your winter worn skin.

Sweet Almond and Basil

Sweet Almond oil is one of the best oils for the skin and hair. It is highly absorbent, light, and hypoallergenic. It is filled with vitamins, and minerals and has a high content of proteins and vitamin E. It sooths the skin leaving it feeling loved and refreshed. Energetically speaking Sweet Almond Oil is used to create an aura of love and attraction. Radiating outward pulling in good vibrations for clear communication, friendship and love connections. It also increases your pull of abundance bring opportunities for creative growth and financial expansion.

Basil is an old herb used for love, prosperity and protection. It has been said wherever Basil is planted evil cannot enter. Adding a dash of Basil to your food integrates love and radiance into your aura. Adding it to your bath will eradicate negative influence, filling your aura with light and intention to attract only good influence.

Preparing for Your Magical Ceremony

Perform this ceremony after a long day. In the evening retreat from the world, turn off your phone, and forget about your concerns.

Gather the Following:

A few sprigs of fresh Basil

A bottle of Sweet Almond Oil

A fresh white candle

A clean white towel to dry off with

You’ve gathered your accouchements, and you are ready to cerate sacred space. Begin by running a bath of warm water. Make sure the water is to your liking so that you can rest and relax in the embrace of the tub. This is a meditative experience…a form of silent prayer.

Hold between your hands the springs of Basil. Begin to massage and bruise the springs, and leaves to release the oils and the scent. As the scent fills the air let it invigorate your senses and uplift your energy. Now hold the bruised springs under the facet as the tub fills to disperse the scent, and then toss them in the bath.

Now pour a handful of Sweet Almond oil into your palms. Placing them under the facet again allowing the oil to slip through your fingers, and disperse into the warm water.

Igniting Your Intentions

Before you slip into this restorative bath, rub the remaining oil from your palms onto the fresh white candle. As the wax and oil warm between your palms and fingers fill it with your intention to attract positive influence, blessings and new beginnings in your life. If you wish for a specific intention place that deep within the candle now.

Light the candle. Set it where you can gaze at it softly during your bath.

Gently slip into the tub. Let the water wash over you. Soak in the warm embrace. Cup water in your palms and rub it over your body, your neck, the base of your head, into your scalp and feet. Be kind to yourself in this bath.

All the while gaze over at the flame, remembering your intention. Close your eyes and let the flame dance in your mind, let the warmth of the tub lull you deeper, and the scent carry you into trance.

Be here with your intention. Let it fill you up until you glow from every fiber of your being with love, good fortune and positive magnetism.

When you’ve finished end with a prayer of thanks to the Universe, your Spirit Circle, and the botanicals used. Towel dry. Let your candle burn. And relax for the remainder of the evening.

Know that good vibes and magic surround you now!

Repeat this ceremony as often as you like. This is a beautiful way to start a new project. To cerebrate the New Moon. Or to unwind after a long week, a stressful project, or whenever your spirit needs a little TLC.

You can dispose of the basil springs in the trash, but I prefer to give them back to nature.

© Shaheen Miro 2016

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