Intuitive Forecast Video 1/25-1/31 2016

An Intuitive Forecast for the week ahead 1/25-1/31. Shaheen shares insight about the week, the flow of energy, and how you can use it to make big magic!

Wishing you a wonderful week! Be sure to share this with others.

Questions, and positive comments welcomed!

3 thoughts on “Intuitive Forecast Video 1/25-1/31 2016

  1. *gasp again*
    This week beginning on the 24th I started my weight loss journey, last week was an emotional wreck for me, and I don’t even wanna talk about the week before that, but
    I actually picked a great week to start
    I’m so ecstatic, it’s like seeing this video was confirmation that I made the right decision!!
    Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Shaheen,
    I really like your reading, it really put in perspective what I’ve been working on, and that is myself. Lately I’ve been doing small things here and there to start working on my self physically and mentally. I will continue this, and I defiantly feel this change coming and is a good feeling. It feels familiar I felt this before, not going to analyze it I will just flow with it and keep on working on my progress.

    Thanks again for your knowledge and wisdom.


    • Hello Edgar! Thank you for visiting me here. So glad you enjoyed the reading. Just stay in your flow, and let your intuition guide you to the next steps. That’s is one of the most powerful ways of transforming your life. Thank you again for visiting… There will be a new Intuitive Forecast for the coming week!! Sending good vibes.

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