Intuitive Guidance Session Offerings

  • Do you have a question or concern burning in your head and heart?
  • Are you looking for the next road forward to your dreams?
  • Have you felt stagnant, stuck, or in the dark?
  • Want to have big magic and big change in your life?


An Intuitive Guidance Session is a Powerful form of personal Alchemy!

We partner together to create sacred space to look into you, and your life for big change and big magic. A session gives us a snapshot of your energetic story: the powerful narrative  you are expressing in the world with your thoughts, ideas, beliefs and intentions.

Participating in an Intuitive Guidance Session becomes a catalyst for change and inner transformation.

Every session is unique to you, and your situation. You will gain insight and clarity about where you are, and where you are heading next. Looking into your flow, we find ways to help you concisely create the life you want. Activating and empowering the areas that build you up, and give you life, and redirecting attention from that which drains you.

Open yourself to psychic-intuitive information about key areas of your life.

A session will provide you with answers, actionable steps, creative prompting, positive suggestions, and exercises for change.

Click Below to BOOK Your Intuitive Guidance Session:

Concentrated Intuitive Guidance Session: 20 Minutes $42

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General Intuitive Guidances Session: 30 Minutes $62

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Extended Intuitive Guidances Session: 1 Hour $123 

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3 thoughts on “Intuitive Guidance Session Offerings

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    • Hello Samuel. No there is no evil involved. Unless your intention is negative while using the oil. If you need more guidance I suggest setting up a one question reading, or an intuitive guidance session. We can talk more in depth about you and your situation!

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