Chamomile Wash for Luck and Wealth Attraction Magic

453px-Matricaria_recutita_koeChamomile is derived from a word that means “little or ground apple”, and comes in two common varieties, Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile.

With bright and tiny daisy flowers and feathery green leaves it radiates warmth, abundance and positivity. It smells of fresh cut apples and sinks deep into these senses calming the nerves and soothing the spirit. Sipping on chamomile tea is an uplifting ritual for relaxation, and perfect for meditation and prayer work.

A very versatile herb used in many traditions from Southern Conjure, to European Magical Systems. It carries with it a number of metaphysical and energetic associations often connected with the Sun, and/or Venus. Which makes it a wonderful botanical for attraction, drawing, and sweetening things. 

What is interesting about Chamomile is it attracts luck and wealth energy, but it also purges negativity from your aura, and surroundings. With the energy of the Sun, Chamomile shines bright, invigorating light upon you to irradiate low vibrations and blocks that keep you from living abundantly. You will glow with a golden light of prosperity. 

To make Chamomile Wash: 

Simply take a handful of Chamomile flowers, or a few tea bags and place them into a pot with a few cups of spring water. Allow the water to boil so that the flowers infuse the water, and it turns a deep golden color. The aroma should fill the air and sweeten your senses.

As the water cools visualize the infusion glowing with magnetism. Speak prayers and affirmations of wealth attraction over it. Say something from the heart, like: 

Golden Chamomile shine your radiance upon me, wrap me in your warm glow so that I attract wealth and luck into my life. 

Then wash your hands, and feet in the tea. You can sip it if you’d like. Add it to your bathwater. Sprits it on your hands before you make business transactions, gamble, play the lottery, or invest money. You can wash your coins, and other prosperity talismans in the tea. And, you can use it as a wash for you home or business.

© Shaheen Miro 2016

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