Submit Questions for the Weekly Intuitive Forecast Videos

imageHello Beautiful People!

I hope life is wonderful for you wherever you are in the world!

I wanted to extened an offer to all of you. I receive so many thought provoking questions from my readers, and I want to begin answering them in a public format (when appropriate) as a way of helping other people who may have similar questions.

If you would like to submit a questions that is about a spiritual topic you need guidance on I will choose 2 or 3 questions a week to answer during the Weekly Inituitive Forecast Video.

These question can be submitted via the contact form.

I will choose ones that feel appropriate, I will notify you that I am going to answer your question via the video. And I will read it anonymously, or with a pseudonym of your choice!

This is a free mini-reading via the Intuitive Forecast Video each week!

Do you have a spiritual topic or question you need guidance on? Would you be interested in having your question answered via video for others to benefit from?

Submit through this contact form, HERE. 

2 thoughts on “Submit Questions for the Weekly Intuitive Forecast Videos

  1. Hello sweet soul.
    Something just ‘hit’ me this morning while observing luge and what feels like same situations repeating themselves.
    Is it possible that in some cases, one doesn’t necessarily experience the same sort of story because they don’t learn their lesson, but because they are are Divibe tool places in similar situations in order to help/teach others or groups? Is it possible that so much light is being shed that flaws cannot be hidden, and unfortunately in most times other parties involved haven’t matured enough to own those flaws so they project back negativity to the source of light?
    I hope I am making sense. I have specific examples, but wish to remain generic. I know you will pick up what needs picked up.
    Bless you!

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