Reflecting on the New Moon in Aries: Radical Gestures, Creative Potential and Stepping into the Dream Circle

imageThe New Moon in Aries has begun heralding in subterranean shifts, and powerful influence. A sense of personal awareness and power is awakening deep inside and calling you to action. Your inner self is pushing, pulling, and fighting to be heard, to be set free… And now you are unable to hide from the fears, insecurities and nagging feelings you keep pushing aside. The mantra right now is “Get real”…that is open to interpretation.

The New Moon always inspires and awakens are need for sustenance, light, growth and expansion. Linking into intentions and goals and letting them grow into life becomes easier at the New Moon, and with Aries coming into play there is a strong pull to make magic happen for yourself. Let the New Moon in Aries become a mirror shinning your light inward and exposing the cracks, fragments and forgotten parts of you that need mending and attention.

Ready yourself for inner work, big magic and personal alchemy. Aries is lining up with Uranus which doubles our need for radical gestures of self expression. Working on yourself isn’t a matter of choice, it is a necessity. Either focus on your own needs right now, or pay the price of a wild and rambunctious shadow knocking at the closet door in the wee hours of sleep. Don’t be afraid of making yourself a priority because it builds a foundation that everyone can rest upon.

Aries breathes fire and tenacity into your bones, and feeds your desire to be a little selfish and indignant. With Uranus pushing you to rebel against the box, and the norm you might find yourself impatient and impulsive. Both qualities can shine a light on what you no longer want to dedicate yourself to, but create change with grace, rather than destruction.

What you have defined as a block may not be an issue in its entirety, it may only be parts of the whole. So rather than throw the baby out with the bath water… Pinpoint what needs changed, remedy it, and then nurture the good parts. Something in that storm is of importance to your future.

What’s more is you are standing at the center of a crossroad affirming that you are ready for a shift of Consciousness, a change of direction and a new narrative to your personal story. You have been gathering, collecting and ruminating on found objects for the past 4 or 5 years… Some of which has made no sense at all, and some of it never will. But those key pieces of information, those talismans you have collected will begin to radiate light and magic. You are awakening the stored potential that has existed in the vortex.

On the brink of possibility is the most inspiring place you can be. Review your story. What are you telling yourself now? What are you expressing, living and feeding in your life energetically/spiritually? Where have you been over the past year? What is different in your life today, vs. a year ago exactly?

Something has been gathered along the way and it serves to remind you, and clarify your inner wisdom.

Your new expression, new way of being feels more enlivened and in alignment with Spirit. If you have stumbled on the path to telling your most authentic story over the past 4 or 5 years, now is our opportunity to clarify. Refine your point of view, and you will refine your point of attraction. Then muster the courage and the bravery to go into the unknown and experience something new. Rather than mulling over your intentions and daydreaming, seeds of intention are pushing to manifest in real time. Flowers are pushing their heads through the dirt, and blooms are bursting into life with vibrant color, and invigorating scents.

Will you be frolicking in the fields… enjoying the bounty? Or will you watch blooms unfold through a picture window, in an armchair? Real magic exists through practice, not theory.

Lately I have felt the radical, loving presence of Archangel Michael working with my clients in private sessions. I want to share his love here. As your senses awaken, you are called to action. Ask Archangel Michael to step into your sacred Dream Circle and help you release whatever attachments and energetic cords that may still be limiting you. He will protect, release and fortify your spirit into greater awareness.

I hear Michael whispering a profound message…

You are a powerful being of light, clarity and intention. Guided by an inner knowing and surrounded with love and grace. Even in those silent, inner moments when others are unaware of the work happening under the surface… Your seeds of intention are being sewn. All stages of manifestation are powerful… Gestation to fruition. Treat every part of the process on the wheel with respect.

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As I am relaying this intuitive message I am also met by the Dolphin Totem. Her energy is more connected to the powerful, intuitive spirit of Uranus, rather than Aries… Regardless she has a message she wishes to share with us during the New Moon…

Dolphin expresses the importance of releasing emotional baggage and moving into your personal spiritual flow. She reminds you of the creative potential of fusing your thoughts with your creative impulses. A powerful synergy springs forth pulling new, and unimaginable experiences into your life.

Dolphin also reminds us of the importance of self-preservation and protection. She works to open your eyes and reveal where you are giving away your power, where you are accepting less than you’re worth, and where you are not standing up for what you believe to be true. Tap into your grace, your creative expression and radiate that light into the dark and chaotic places until they melt into the base-metals of possibility.

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© Shaheen Miro 2016

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