How to Slip Out of Pain and into Healing to Show up Bolder and Brighter in the World

imageImagine yourself sitting in the surrender of the vibrant wild of nature. Mother Earth kissing you with vitality. The Moon peeks over your shoulder through blackened skies filling you up with light. Rushing waters lull you deep into a trance. Licking your toes as you sit on the soft, loamy shores. In reflection you take in the essence of life. Your subtle bodies dance in the rush of night. Whispers of your soul begin to emerge.

Your body, mind and spirit ache for this sacred space. Yet we spend so much time tangled in our heads and locked into the rigidity of “living life”. The analytical mind tries to find order in the day’s responsibilities and tasks. We THINK ourselves into oblivion growing numb to our fertile, mystical nature. Inundated by information download our spirit cannot get a word in edgewise.

We are meant to make love with the world. Fall into the passionate, intimate moments of our spiritual selves. Caress the deeper nature of creative expression, expansion and truly experiencing life. But most of us succumb to the pain of the world, and the need to keep up.

Maybe this dedication to pain being pinched off from life is born from fear.

Fear to let go. Fear to dance with sensual rhythm. Fear that someone might find out. Fear of failure. Fear of change. Fear going into the unknown. Fear of being vulnerable. Fear of being weird. Fear of truly living!

So much fear… And for nothing. Playing it safe, do what your told, logic yourself to death. Burn out before you’ve burned brightly. What is it all for? To shut up, suffer in silence, and die for nothing. The hell with that!

I prefer the path of the self-expressive, soul-seeker. The mystical traveler who treats the world like a great canvas of adventure. Expressing and exploring. Cultivating vibrance and buoyancy. Letting the soul speak in truth, and healing. Doesn’t that sound liberating?

Then slip off the chaos and slip in to your spiritual nature. Feel the pulse of your divinity beneath your skin. The burning of your heart. Let the creative unknown do you. Tap into your inner wisdom, and truth and bloom into all your glory. You are meant to THRIVE… I promise. It’s not something that exist out there for a select few… Or by chance.

You Were Born with an Internal Guidance System

You were gifted with so much magic and potential. Your body houses your mind and spirit. A beautiful place for you to experience the wonders of the world. To grow and thrive. To think, analyze, create and explore. Your guidance system is: Instinct and Intuition.

I feel with my gut/solar plexus, and I see/perceive with my third-eye.

The Primal Nature of Instinct

Instinct is the physiological impulses of you body. The visceral sensations that surge through your body, and deep in your core. Your internal tides that are pulled and influence by mystical energies of the moon, the magnetic pulse of the earth, and the cycle of the seasons. Your animal nature.
Remember you are a part of the web of nature. You are a member of the animal kingdom. Connected to the natural world. Moved by a primal, instinctive force. Watch animals in nature they know how to live, to survive and thrive. Something deep in their bodies guides them to move, to eat, to hunt, to ready themselves for winter, to mate, to die. Since the beginning of time this rhythm has kept nature in balance. But “domestication” has cut us off from our instinctual nature!

What messages does your body have for you? What have you been feeling lately? Physically, and mentally/emotionally? Where are you experiencing pain, inflammation, or infection? How has your health declined? What are you hungry for? What is calling your deep inside?

Feel through each part of your body. Begin with your toes, feet, legs, thighs and reproductive organs. Move up through your digestive system, stomach, middle section, chest, heart, lungs and throat. Now explore your mouth, nose, sinuses, eyes, forehead, and brain. What is happening in there?

In these open and honest moments with your body, your internal impulses will guide and move you to a place of healing. These can be radical changes. Urges to stop doing something that negatively impacts your body. Maybe it is more subtle. Baby steps to cultivate your bodies natural healing response. Regardless, your body wants to move you to a place of health, safety, expansion and vitality. Listen to your body… It is the mouth of nature.

The Higher Frequency of Intuition

Intuition is a fine-tuned, advanced form of instinct. Working hand-in- hand. Intuition allows you to fill in the gaps, make creative leaps, and build upon the wisdom of your instinct. Listen to your body, activate your heart and commune with your intuition. It lives in the upper regions of your chakras.

You chose this body to be the lantern of your inner light; your SPIRIT.

Align the upper and lower regions of your body: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. Place your attention on the pulse of your body and spirit and nourish your creative spark. Move into the world with these guiding forces. You will learn what you need for healing and fulfillment… And intuition will show you how to get there. Solving the riddles that unfold around you.

We have grown numb to our bodies… Though we still experience the pain, and inflexibility that befalls them. But our spiritual nature has been forgotten by so many. We are in the body, so we need to befriend her in peace and trust. But we have to pay special attention to our spiritual self so that we can be whole, integrated and fully balanced.

Intuition connects you to the Upper World where spirit and creative potential pour freely. Through intuition you connect with the web of creation. Time and space lose rigidity and everything moves in fluid harmony. You work with the tides, rather than against them!

Open to the wisdom of your body. Reveal the pain points, the trauma and inflammation. Expand upon it. Go deeper, and further. Ask more questions. You know what hurst. You are surrendering to the process of healing. Now listen to your inner wisdom. What do you feel called to do? what action feels appropriate? What inspires you? What presses upon seeking expression? What patterns are present?

If you follow the pieces, things line up… And MAGIC HAPPENS!

Stepping into the Stream of Universal Wisdom

Recall the scene from the beginning. Feet in the water, Earth holding you strong beneath, moon kissing you from the sky. Let yourself be in that space again. Follow the path through your minds eye, and deep into your inner dreaming. Let yourself be washed clean by the Moonlight and flowing waters.

When you slip into this bubbling stream you are slipping into your receptive nature… The Universal Flow. Here you can go deep into your own healing and awakening. Intuition can spin into life. If you are in this flowing stream where would it take you? If you surrender to the experience what are you seeing? What jewels of wisdom are surfacing in your spirit?

On this adventure something of use will come to light. Stay present. Let insight flow. You can be in this place whenever you like, for however long you desire. Especially when you are in need of guidance, or deep nourishment. Visit this sacred space.

Nourishing Yourself Heals the World

Caught in the hustle, and bustle of daily life we neglect our intuitive, spiritual nature… Self-care is scarce. But it should be essential. You are the only YOU in the Universe. Spirit has poured into you a vibrant seed of life. Spirit experiences life through you. This isn’t egotistical or self-centered… This is a reminder that living your unique truth, and making yourself a priority is an act of compassion, and a prayer to the Divine.

1. Cultivate a practice of self-care and nourishment. Eat good foods and dialogue with your body. Get plenty of sleep because it is restorative. Say loving and affirmative things to yourself that build you up, and make you glow from the inside out. Be in places you love, with people you love, doing things that you love. Say no to things that hurt, deplete, or wear your down. And be creative in whatever way you can!

2. Wholeness “holiness” should become a priority. You become healthy, radiant and empowered. Your light shines brightly, igniting the light of others. Self-sacrifice is a losing battle for everyone involved. You give away parts of yourself until there is nothing left. Just like in the wild, you take/give what you need always making sure you preserve the posterity of the plants and animals. Honor your own resources in the same way.

3. Practice compassionate acts toward yourself. You will show up BIG and PRESENT in the world around you. Wouldn’t that be lovely? You will know how best to be there for those you wish to be, because you are empathetic to your own needs.

4. The truth is we don’t need to work harder, we need to work with more intention. Casting yourself hard against the storm will only make you crack and shatter. Fortify yourself by developing a deep and intimate connection with your internal guidance system. It is there to help you navigate the world. Rather than reacting to people and situations out of fear, guilt, pain or fear… You begin to act out of love, compassion, wisdom, truth and healing. Start with yourself!

Ask: What seed of intention do I want to plant today? What will nourish and fulfill me?

Let Your Life Be Your Prayer

Having a deeper, fluid connection with the Divine is something we all seek in one way or another. Those who forgo a connection with Spirit are locking away an intimate and very necessary part of the self. We are of divine nature, and we thrive off of our connection to those spiritual forces. When we lose our spiritual connection we become GMO’s… Fodder for mechanistic, monotonous living. What a horrible way of life.

Let your life be your devotion… Your expression… Your prayer to the Divine. There is no wrong way to do this as long as you are honoring yourself. Honor that you are part of the tapestry of the Universe. Through being your most luminous you… The whole picture becomes stronger, brighter and alive.

How are you expressing yourself in the world? How are you showing up to the cosmic party? What intentions are your planting with your everyday life? How are you showing love and compassion? How are you living creatively?

Where are you showing up small? Where are you playing coy? Being shy? Where are you hiding your truth? Where are you living in fear? What are you afraid of? How are you adding more chaos into the world? Where are you lacking love? Who could you be more open and kind to?

Every single one of us has answers to the “good” and the “bad” questions above. We could all show up brighter in the world. We could express more love, and compassion. But all of us are shinning brightly in some way. If not you wouldn’t be alive… Don’t forget that!

You are more beautiful than you know! 

© Shaheen Miro 2016

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