Embracing the Sagittarius Full Moon May 21, 2016

imageThe Full Moon travels into the sign Sagittarius on May 21, 2016. In Sagittarius the Moon awakens an inner stirring, and sense of adventure. You find yourself ready for action, especially in asserting independence and expressing your inner visions. Interestingly, June will also boast a Sagittarius Full Moon as well.

From Full Moon to Full Moon we will have an inspired cycle of exploration, self-cultivation and clarification. If you’ve been mulling things over in your mind, or feeling pulled between pathways the Moon will begin to illuminate these dark, and confusing places. Answers will appear for those big questions. Allow yourself to be guided forward.

Tread lightly during the Full Moon because the Moon is in opposition with Mars. The retrograde is still upon us, and a lot of heat is building with these fire signs. You are rearing to go and ready for action, but to charge forward without reflection will be foolhardy. Allow yourself to explore and expand, without making definitive or rash decisions.

Change and confirmation will come to fruition upon the next Full Moon in June. Until then continue to be mindful of words and actions. Gather information, experience the juicy situations that happen around you, but remain cool and collected (an advanced exercise right now)!

To combat the unsettled, confused and aggressive energies give yourself ample time for compassion, reflection and time alone to keep emotions and outbursts in check! Physical activity like running, lifting weights, or vigorous dance/yoga will help burn-off the abundant fiery energy.

Remember to balance the logical and the intuitive at this time. I suggest after your physical activity you engage in some breath-work to center your energy centers and create an inner state of calm. In these moments of reflection you will find slip effortlessly into your forward motion.

Ask yourself the question: What am I being called to do next?

Let your intuition and the Universe lead you there!

A parting Intuitive Message:

Patience and self-compassion will calm your wild heart as you journey forward. The path is long, winding, thick and tangled… Filled with adventure, excitement and a few looming shadows. Stay centered so you can observe, rather than react to whatever falls in your path. Empathy is your monthly mantra, and the antidote to your impulse for force.

How are these cosmic vibes treating you?

Any inspiring thoughts on the Full Moon?

Be sure to leave a comment 😉

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