How to Use Nettle for Energetic Cleansing

imageNettle is a powerful herb used to purge negative psychic energetic attachments. Believed to exercise harmful influences, spirits and curses. In modern times we use nettle to banish limiting thoughts, emotional patterns, and psychic chords. These can be deliberate psychic intrusions, or stray energies collected through daily living.

When I find myself enmeshed in a web of negative energy I like to use nettle to clear the slate, and help me find center. Nettle can even help when dealing with emotional pain from bad habits, obsessive thoughts, and emotional baggage.

It is important to remember when using any herb that you take proper precautions to ensure safety. You might check to make the herb does not interfere with medical condiotns, or cause allergic reactions. On an energetic level be aware that removing negative energetic attachments is only half the process… You must create a firm practice that keeps the energy from return.

Nettle often purges toxic energies, and helps gain a moment of clarity to see how to implement a better course of action. Have a clear intention that by purging these attachments you are gaining composure, and empowerment to own your personal energy, and create more nourishing situations. 

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Nettle Tea

You can brew a strong cup of nettle tea to help eliminate stuck feelings and energetic cords that have taken root in your aura. Simply drinking the tea and focusing on the explosion of these attachments will activate their energetic influence. You might choose to do this for a series of days until you feel composed and uplifted.

I like to add peppermint to my nettle tea for a more pleasant flavor. Peppermint also purges negative energetic influence, and I find it raises the vibration to something more positive. When added to nettle tea peppermint creates a drawing effect that pulls more wholesome experiences into your life. 

Nettle Bath

Bathing in nettle yields similar results to drinking it. Often I find bathing to be more liberating, and easier to stomach for those who are not tea drinkers. A spiritual bath is an invitation to unwind, decompress and move into sacred space. Making a strong infusion of nettle tea and adding it to bath water will help draw out the energetic attachments in the aura, and aliviate any heavy feelings.

A nettle bath tends to work a bit faster if you are dealing with more aggressive situations. And adding a handful of sea salt to the bath amplifies these effects. Rather than soaking in a nettle bath you might find it beneficial to infuse a pitcher of water with nettle and sea salt. Then sit in an empty bath, and pour the lukewarm mixture over your head. 

Pouring the infusion over your head is an old practice invoking the energetic properties of the plant, and flushing away the psychic debris. I prefer this practice if I am dealing with something extremely heavy, especially if I have some awareness that the source is outside of myself.

As you pour the water over your head brush your body… Torso, arms, and legs with downward strokes to slough off the water, and thus the energetic debris. If you wish to catch the remaining infusion it can be used to wash down your home, especially the front door as an added layer of cleansing.

Adding a prayer while performing your bath, or whichever technique you choose is a wise decision. This will clearly activate your intention. Speak from the heart, or use something like this…

I purse and release negative attachments and influence so that I may move with freedom and grace. I ask for the aid of my guardians, and these sacred botanicals.

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Nettle Powder

Grinding nettle leaves and rue into a fine powder to sprinkle about the house is another form of spiritual house cleansing. Sprinkle the fine powder around the inner walls of the home, and across the floor. Sometimes I will leave it overnight. Then sweep the mixture up starting from the back of the home, and making your way to the front door. Collect the herbal dust, and dispose of it outside off of your property… Preferably at the base of a tree, or for city dwellers, in a trash can away from your residence.

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Always use caution with herbal remedies. These are suggestions, and do not replace sound medical advice. Use with care. You are the only one responsible for your wellbeing.

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© Shaheen Miro 2016

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