Black Tourmaline Protection Stones For Sale

I am loving these Black Tourmaline babies!

Black Tourmaline is one of my favorite crystal amulets for psychic protection. They are great for keeping dark clouds at bay. Have some heavy shit floating around? Black tourmaline will knock it out, and keep it away.

A deeply shamanic stone, it reaches into the core and pulls out personal power. Expelling darkness, and fortifying your psychic protection. Can be wrapped and worn as jewelry. Tucked in a punch and carried. Put in your pocket, bag or purse. Or my personal favorite, tucked under your pillow for easy sleep!


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6 thoughts on “Black Tourmaline Protection Stones For Sale

  1. Hi Mr Shaheen, it’s me again Jessica, I still love your website and getting emails sent to me everyday. I enjoy everything you offer me to read. But again, another quick question. When someone purchases a stone as gorgeous as the Black Tourmaline or even one of your must have crystal kits, do u do anything to them prior to being sent out to their new homes ? Meaning, do you rid them of any bad air around them or possibly cleanse them first I should say,? Well, I was just curious. That’s all. Thank you in advance for helping me better understand. Keep up the good work Shaheen. I’m voting for you for our next president. Virtual hugs ! Bye.

    • Hello Jessica,
      Thank you so much for your kind words, and for visiting me here! Before sending any item I always give it a good cleanse and run good energy through it. Depending on what it is I might do more. For example my Aura Elixir is handmade in small batches by me from organic products that have been infused with Moonlight, and then I do some ceremony to charge them. I do the same when I create intention candles for people to use on their own. Everything is done with care, attention and good magic. 🙂


      • Sorry to bother you Mr Shaheen, but what exactly is an intention candle ? For what reasons do you create them for ? They sound very intriguing.
        The reason for my curiosity is, I’m preparing myself for my journey into my recovery. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. And i’m sick and tired of living day by day and hour by hour. I want to free myself of my chains of addiction. And as I said, I’m preparing myself in ways to help prevent boredom and steering clear of things that I know, can cause me to feel fear, depression, anxiety, stress, despair and loneliness. I know I can’t avoid those normal and natural feelings of emotions that everyone has. But I’m teaching myself , what those things are exactly that causes me to feel those natural normal emotions and hopefully see it before it comes (those negative emotions also called trigger warnings) and know how to handle those triggers responsibly without the use of chemicals to either distract me or calm my nerves down or either, numb me from feeling emotional with pain. And even though I’m getting in position to begin this new, exciting and anticipated chapter in my life book of Jessica Monique Orozco, I’m also wanting to accept things in my view and possession that can be good luck and use to me. I will be ordering me own personal crystal kit (I can’t simply wait for that because I think I have never had anything so fancy shmancy in my life). And me personally, I am infested with unicorns. Loved them since as far back as I can remember and have collected anything with a unicorn on it. Even if I were to see a unicorn that is broken, I don’t care.! If I have the broken piece , ill take it home and super glue it and if I don’t have the broken piece then it’s okay .!!! It’s still a unicorn so, it’s still beautiful and is now my new lil addition to our huge unicorn family ! That is why I ask you about your intention candles ? Because if it can be something to send me positive vibes and help me to be patient with myself and my journey and hopefully I can use it as something I can look at and remember the reasons why it is that I’m getting sober then I would surely want it in my corner to help cheer me on like my own personal lil cheerleader.
        Oh my, look at me, I’ve rambled your ear off. I’m terribly sorry. I know your a highly intelligent and extremely busy man. So please accept my most humble apology. And please take your time in responding back to me. And have a good rest of the day. And remember someone over here in Pasadena (Los Angeles county) California loves your work you.
        Sending you good vibes and a virtual hug. Goodbye Mr Shaheen !
        Jessica M. Orozco

      • Jessica, It is so wonderful to hear from you, and hear about your story. Thank you for sharing with me. It sounds like you are making big changes for personal empowerment in your life. I am sure the Unicorn is one of your spirit animals. Spend time working with that energy and see where it takes you. As for Intention Candles… These are candles that are created and infused with a specific intention… Like a prayer to help activate and attract something you want and need in your life. They can be as simple as lighting a candle and saying an affirmation, or as elaborate as dressing a candle with herbs and oils, or choosing a color that has a particular vibration. I help some clients by creating intention candles for them, but I also have some info on the website for making them yourself. I hope that helps 🙂 Shaheen

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