Snake Oil, Self-Empowerment and the Truth About Healing

imageSince the beginning of time we have looked for mystical and medical cures to heal what ailes us. Deeply rooted in our desire to be whole, healthy and free of pain, many remedies became a light of hope, and a real out picturing of deep desires. Many of these remedies have become the foundation for much of our modern medicine. Some of them have fell into obscurity because there is no scientific proof for their benefits, or they were nothing more than “snake oil”.

As a spirit worker I use many mystical, energetic tools… Crystals, candles, oils, etc. For me these ingredients are really nothing more than tools. They are not answers to the pain in the world, they cannot cure everything. But they can empower you by activating your innate energetic potential, and helping to activate the extremely magnetic power of belief.

Within the realm of spiritual work there is no claim that any of these products will create a phsyical affect. These tools are meant to work on the spiritual level, which could manifest big results in the physical. But that is not the objective! Spiritually we are working for deep change, to shift, mend, and equalize our innate essence.

Spiritual Work Begins With You

Much of the spiritual work a person does depends on their own williningess to commit to healing, and work diligently for change. In some way it would benefit us to redefine the term “healing”. I see healing as a shift, or change in the whole being. Yes, that can mean phsyical, but it is much, much deeper than that. When you look at healing as the results you see in the phsyical, you are only acknowledging the tip of the iceberg!

Healing is more of a release from the limiting pattern, not erasing their existence. When you overcome emotional trauma you aren’t saying it never happened, or changing the past, you are mending the connection to that trauma. The same is true for healing on all levels!

If a spiritual worker makes big claims that they can guarantee 100% recovery, or physical healing you need to consider what they are offering. Spiritual workers are not God, they are fasciniators to your own wellbeing. Actually, I would call a spirt worker a guide. They help create and cultivate a safe pathway into your own healing process… Which is created by you, and from the support you allow to happen!

My Guarantee as a Spirit Worker

I will give you my full support during any session. Offering honest, heart-based, intuitive guidance. We partner together to fascinate whatever changes you are working to create. If you are invested in you, then know I am invested in you!

I guarantee you will find a bit of wisdom and truth that can create big change and magic in your life…. If you are willing to go there! But there is no way to guarantee that what you are looking for exactly will be what you get. Most of the time we make startling discoveries that crack open your awareness and move you into unexplored territory. 

You will experience something new! Often times we want healing/insight/change to occur in a way that makes everything better, and still leaves it exactly the same. But I have found that true healing comes when you do something different. If the path you are on isn’t working then why would we find a way to make it work when we can direct you to a new path? 

Change pathways and you change your life! 

I will hold space for you. By holding space I give you room to unwind your thoughts, feelings, and your spiritual perspective. There you can explore, in a safe way, what is happening within the inner chambers of your head and heart. I can guide you to new ways of thinking, and approaching things, and offer loving accountability. But I cannot do the work for you! 

I will offer tools. Tangible tools such as crystals, candles, oils, even meditations, affirmations and visualizations… Are ways to help activate untapped power and potential and create change faster. These ways of working are visceral experiences that help tie together all facets of our being. I offer these tools as suggestions, and suggestions only… If they do not work for you, or fit in with your life, practice, or belief system, then leave them be. I can only share my personal experience and how it has benefited my own healing. 

Gather With Love and Respect

When you visit this website, and when you have a session with me know that it is an act of love, compassion and personal empowerment. I extended myself as a guide to those who want and need change. There is a spirit worker for everyone… And I may or may not be the one for you! 

With any school of thought, spirituality or healing always hold the truth that you are in power! “Snake Oil” claims offer quick fixes and serve to disempower you… By giving you results without the work! Remember, your journey is yours alone and those you invite on it are guests… Some sacred and some profane. But you can choose to invite or uninvited them!

I hope you know everything I offer is with love and gratitude. I respect you, and your path. Please, show respect and compassion for all heart-centered spirit workers. And really, for everyone! If something doesn’t work for you choose a different route, but do not deflect and put blame on the guide. © Shaheen Miro 2016

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