Aura Cleanse Botanical and Sea Salt Bath Soak

imageEnergetic self-care is essentail for living happy and free. When you work on cleansing and clearing the aura you release toxic energetic build up and debri, which can manifest as negative feelings and the like. I have created this beautiful blend of botanicals and sea salt to add to your bath water for a spiritual spa experience.

Pink Himalyan Salt and Sea salt draw up toxins and build up. Chamomile, Calendual, Rose and Cornflowers help to raise the vibration, soothe the energy centers, and completely release your body, mind and spirit. Wonderful your skin too!!

One jar makes two baths, or divided up how you see fit. Run a warm, relaxing bath adding in half the contents of the jar as the faucet runs. This will help disperse oils, dissolve the salt and infuse the botanicals for a full on enlightening experience!

While soaking in the bath allow yourself to slip out of your mind, and into your spirt. Let your muscles relax, you thoughts unwind, and your spirit come forward. I like to add a charged quartz crystal, or Rose Quartz to the bath water. Soak in peace… Without washing your body… This is for the deeper self.

Repeat some beautiful affirmations, or visualizations. I like to see myself sinking into the warm embrace of golden-glowing water. The white light of spirit that mends and nourishes. I will often repeat an affirmation, such as:

My body is relaxed, my mind is free, my spirit is vibrant… I am uplifted.

Handmade, organic and filled with good energy…

Order your Aura Cleanse Bath Soak with a Black Tourmaline Crystal, HERE.

($20 with Shipping included USA Only)

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