Fierce Love in the Shadow of Change



“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”― Anne Frank

The world has gone wild, exploded with so much noise… and it has been a long time coming. The social and political climate is something that many of us have grown weary of, and for those who are sensitive to the uncertainty in the world it has become detrimental. But do not lose heart friends… you are in a storm of big, wild, life-changing magic! 

You might not see the silver lining in the chaos of the world…notably the President-elect and what that means, but there is some good to be found here.

One thing I have continually seen is that people are finding voice, and showing us who they really are. Love it or hate it… we are seeing a lot of true colors coming out of the shadows and that is the point of power now. When you know what you are dealing with it, you begin to find ways into the places of change. 

We are in a time of great shadow work.

We are seeing where the world really is, and all the people in it. We are seeing what people fear, and what they praise. Finding the bedrock of their very souls and learning how to go deeper. The only way to overcome this darkness is to go through it. 

What does that mean for you?

You need to show up bigger, brighter, louder and braver than ever before!

As you begin to see what is “wrong” with the world… or at least what apposes you personally… you begin to see where you can shine light, truth and express commitment. For every person that spreads hate, there should be two who spread love. Not to say that gooey, sticky, love-everyone-no-matter-what vibes are going to save the world… I am not talking about sitting down and meditating on your heart chakra. 

I am talking about FIERCE LOVE…

Love for yourself and for people to be expressive. I am talking about getting out there and living loudly! Bravely! Burn bright in this crazy world. Let your body drip with so much truth that it hurts. 

Battles aren’t won by telling the other side they are wrong. They are won by living your truth in the face of it all. I am suggesting to be vulnerable in the real world. Let your wounds show. Let your fears show. Let your truth show. 

Ask yourself right now: How have I been showing up in the world? Have I been brave?

The truest form of protest and rebellion is to be a rebellious soul… A wild heart. 

What is the one thing you feel makes you less than?

What is the one thing you see as a weakness?

How are you telling yourself to get over it?

Or to be silent?

I want you to dig deep into your soul and find the parts of you that have been forgotten. Ignored. Told they weren’t acceptable. Some of these things might be obvious or socially relevant in a big way… black lives, women’s rights, LGBTQ.

Or maybe it is more subtle?

FIND IT! Use that as you point of power and your driving force. Whatever you’ve been silenced for your time to talk about it is now! 

Believe me I have traveled to the end of life and looked death in the face… and come back. I had some fragile moments out there on the astral edge considering why I needed to thrive. So now everyday is a prayer that my soul is alive in the world. It does’t have to be loud, angry or dramatic… it simply knowing that, despite what others say, even in the face of adversity, you are valuable as you are.

Someone can disagree with your entire existence, but you do not have to believe them. They might be big players in the world… rule makers… but they cannot bend your soul to their will.

If you go silent… they’ve won.

If you walk away… they’ve won.

If you sit this one out… they’ve won.

If you believe them… they’ve won.

Who are “they”… I am not sure. I will let you figure that out.

But here is a clue…

all the voices that are not your own and feel in-authetnic and unsupportive of your unique expression in the world. 

If you are living your highest good and allowing others to do the same then keep on keeping on.

Just remember… The only way to find your passion is to look at your pain. And the only way to make peace with your pain is to acknowledge it. 

The shadow of this Nation, of this World is alive and hungry. It has reared up and will not settle down easily. You shouldn’t want it to either. These things have existed far too long in the periphery. The only way to create lasting change is to be met with uncertainty. Do not resit this strange shadow… befriend it and find what it can teach you. We are in the midst of a great paradigm shift and what comes next could be bliss… the only way to know is to go forward. 

Rant over!

Sending you love from the bottom of my wild, wild heart. 


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