Mystical Gifts for Mystical People


The Holidays are here and everyone is looking of the perfect gift. Especially for those mystically inclined people in your life. Why not get something beautiful, healing and empowering?

The Sacred Sage and Botanical Bundles are handmade tools for big spiritual change and magic. They are works of art!

Filled with mountain botanicals and sage to invite sacred energy into your space, your life and your heart. This can be lit and the smoke wafted around to create a healing environment. They can be held to release their energetic qualities. You can even keep them in a beautiful dish to add ambiance and magic to the atmosphere. 

Get your own Sacred Sage and Botanical Bundle, HERE! ($20 w/ Shipping USA) 

A Simple Ceremony

When I am in need of inner alchemy and a spiritual lift I light the tip of a bundle. I gently blow into the embers until the bundle glows into life, and  her spirit is conjured up in the smoke. I hold the bundle in front of my at heart level, with eyes closed, and I ask for sacred blessings and assistance from Spirit, my guides and my ancestors. 

When the moment feels right I begin walking in a counterclockwise circle which is an ancient practice for banishing negative and harmful energies. I spin three times until I return to my original position (usually I face west). 

I thank the benevolent forces around me for their help, their guidance and their blessings. 

Then affirm:

I am surrounded by the vibration of love, healing and infinite blessings. I am held in the arms of Spirit, and I walk in my personal power.

Invite good energy into your own life, or offer one of these bundles as a gift to a dear heart in your life. They are special treasures!

Get your own Sacred Sage and Botanical Bundle, HERE! ($20 w/ Shipping USA) 



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