How to Work with Your Shadow Self

Lovely thoughts on working with the Shadow. One of my favorite forms of soul healing.

Shaheen Miro


“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.”― C.G. Jung


Disconnected from our empowerment the shadow (those unloved, unacknowledged parts of us) grows stronger and thrives on more of the same. Rather than interacting with life, we react. Reactionary living is acidic, corrosive and destructive. That is not to say we can live without reaction… It is a human response. It serves to keep us alert and alive. But, you can learn to interact with the world, befriending experience and still remaining safe.

First you must listen to the shadow.

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2 thoughts on “How to Work with Your Shadow Self

  1. Always, always I have associated Shadow with BAD….some dark place of goo. After reading and meditating I have re-framed it and befriended the shadow.
    My shadow is the scared, timid parts that went into hiding. Placed under lock and key to survive abuse in my childhood and then in my marriage. Locking the wound away allowed me to survive having my sons ripped from me, having my childhood abuse used against me to caste me into the shit pile. And believing that I was that also. Having that wound used against me. So I locked that child away. And I realized at 53. My shadow is not dark. It is like one stepping into the corner of the room where the light does not touch. Almost making one invisible. No one can really see you, yet you are not invisible. Kind of a self protection mechanism.
    I let her out and we speak and I wrap her in beautiful colors. My wounds are so beautiful. They are in part the creation of this soul. They are not diseased patches were one is able to constantly rip the scars off. They have shown me what I am. The love that I am. They have given me discernment. They have allowed me to say…I weep for the loss of my sons, I miss them…yet I am so much more than a mother….so much more. I still protect…I still place the cloak about me and turn my head away and then I look her square in the eye. And realize their is nothing dark and vile about me. And the shadow has given me breathe and kept me here when the wound was too much to bear. She is and always will be, comfort. Just sometimes we play hide and seek. Yet I am hiding from the lie and seeking me.
    Move your eyes to the dark dark corners of the space…there you will find me..weeping over the color blue..oh it is my eyes you see.

    • I am so happy to see that this brought you some clarity and confirmation. I am sorry about your losses, but I love that you’ve found the bright blessings in the darkness. We have to remind ourselves that with the darkness and shadows we cradle the light…. there is no other way for it to exist. I think of the shadow like a ghost… wanting nothing but peace, love, acceptance and the chance to be heard. If we can lend an ear and open heart so much can be learned about the past, the reasons why… and more importantly peace and a sense of empowerment can begin to grow. Please, stay in connection with your grace and stay in touch. Shaheen

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