Kids Growing Up Psychic Series Index


Here is a compilation of  the “Kids Growing Up Psychic”series written by Shaheen Miro and Melissa Leath. Check out the articles below by clicking on the title/link!

“Kids Growing Up Psychic” Series!!

Experiencing the World with Your Psychic Senses, by Shaheen Miro.

Learn to Open and Close Your Psychic Door, by Melissa Leath

Psychic Protection and the White Light (Kids Growing Up Psychic Series)

Feeling Safe and Empowered with Psychic Events, by Melissa Leath

Awakening Intuition Through Imagination

Active Meditation for Kids: Creating Your Own Mandala, by Melissa Leath

Befriending Spirit Guides (Imaginary Friends Aren’t Make-Believe) by Shaheen Miro

What Do Sparkles (and Orbs, and Spirit Lights) Look Like? By Melissa Leath

Creating Sacred Space: Exploring Your Secret World, by Shaheen Miro

Natural Foods, Empathic Child Challenges, and Picky Psychic Kids, by Melissa Leath

Psychic Children and Dreamtime Adventures, by Shaheen Miro

How Children See into Other Realms, by Melissa Leath


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