How to Grow Your Soul in Darkness

Shaheen Miro


Dark times come knocking on our door when we least expect it. The slow dissent into our personal storm is something that each one of us knows all to well. Some of us find the eye, where we can dance and take refuge, and others become wind swept, weathered and fragile. Finding your way out can seem like an endless task. The harder you push, the harder the darkness pushes back. 

What if we stopped trying? What if we slipped into the present darkness and felt every nuance of our pain, our fear and our anger? If you look into the storm and see nothing but an enemy then you are welcoming a fight. But what if the chaos is a wise teacher? 

Growing Our Soul

Life gives us many opportunities to grow our souls. To find power and grace. And at the same time to stumble, to fall back…

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