8 Ways to L I V E Magic Everyday

Shaheen Miro

Wild Priestess

“Stories are like genies…They can carry us into and though our sorrows. Sometimes they burn, sometimes they dance, sometimes they weep, sometimes they sing. Like genies, everyone has one. Like genies, sometimes we forget that we do. Our stories can set us free…When we set them free.”

Francesca Lia Block

  1. Always Say Yes to Adventures

Saying yes to a new adventure puts you in the path of opportunity. Your curiosity will carry you forward into unmarked, and undiscovered territory. Moving beyond the box and into these new places of experience opens you up for discovery. You find a new way of being in the world, and of flowing into your empowered adventures.

  1. Smile at and Talk to Strangers

Encountering new people with openness is something that few of us do, and yet it can lead to so many discoveries. All of us seem to be reaching for intimate connection… whether…

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