5 Questions to Reveal Your Energetic Story

Shaheen Miro

storytellingtarotYou are always telling an energetic story… these converging forces shape the life you are leading now. Conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs are working in unison to attract and repel situations, circumstances and people in your life. I call this your point of attraction… the vibration you are broadcasting to the world at large, which the Universe responds to. 

Your energetic story is composed of the thoughts, ideas, beliefs and actions you lead from in your life.

Essentially you are always in dialogue with your own creative force, and the creative force of the Universe. Each moment you are sending a signal out with the messages of what you believe to be true for you!

Knowing this you are always at a place of choice in your life. Though many people are broadcasting without knowing… sort of like butt-dialing an important person and blurting out all the things…

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