3 Secrets for Weaving a Magical Life of Abundance and Possibility

imageI find myself filled with so much pain when I see a beautiful person breaking under the pressure of daily life. Walking through life, hunched over, and heavy with thoughts, beliefs and ideas that limit the light burning deep inside. Accepting that it is easier to survive, rather than live has poisoned our heads and hearts. Unfortunately it is a cycle that some never really break.

Lack mentality isn’t a completely unreasonable position to hold. It seems to be proven everyday… Someone is going without something. Or there isn’t enough in our own lives to spread from day to day: money, love, happiness, food, etc. But we aren’t seeing the truth of how it can be, we are experiencing the byproduct of what has been sewn into life.

Shifting this perspective lack to abundance is a radical gesture… reclamation of our divine nature.

When you are feeling down and out… Hungry for more, but living on crumbs look for proof of goodness, not proof of scarcity. Faced with the sobering truth that you are on your last dollar, and the bank account is running dry might seem like confirmation that you are poor. But what if you played with that intention and took it as proof that at least for today you have something to sustain you.

Shifting perspective to prove providence, rather than insufficiency will open your eyes, and heart to change. You might find optimism akin to ignorance, but it is born from the truth that: There is power in perspective. You cannot always change the condition right away, but you can change your reaction to it.

Your reaction becomes your point of attraction.

1. Activating the Law of Gratitude

Sewing seeds of gratitude magnifies the beauty and grace in your life. Cultivate an acute awareness for goodness as it shows up again and again in your life. Surrender to the blessings in your life with reverence and respect and your journey becomes empowered. Gratitude shines light on the stones lining the path we have traveled. It becomes a powerful affirmation of how strong we really are, how far we have come and how much further we can go!

Go deeper into your experience with the liberation of gratitude.

An Exercise in Gratitude:

For a week, or even a few hours begin to express gratitude for what shows up in your life. Release your prayers of want and need… And open your spirit to what shows up for you. Dance with the mystery of life unfolding, and see the blessings in what manifests. Water your life with gratitude, and more of what you want will bloom without you ever asking for it.

Gratitude supercharges our life with a special magnetism of expansion. Gratitude is a sacred prayer to Spirit… You are asking to be cracked wide open to the possibility of what can never be imagined in your wildest dreams.

2. Awakening the Virtue of Support

Treading into the world of possibility and summoning the spirit of abundance must be met with the humbling act of ASKING FOR HELP!

Most of us fight the virtue of support. Something programmed deep within our psyche is repulsed by asking for help. Whether it is born of fear, or pride… Asking for assistance and support makes us feel vulnerable. It awakens the demons of failure. Without opening yourself to the vulnerability of outside support you become lost in the mountains of your own pain. Feeding on the ghosts of what no longer nourishes you.

Calling on the aid of others is an act of personal compassion. It asserts your trust in the benevolence of the Universe and the kindness of others. No one, and nothing can provide you with love, support and blessings if you live with arms closed, and hearts locked away.

Trust itself is a neutral creature. She provides more evidence for what you believe to be true. What you hold as true becomes true for you. Be brave enough to trust that there is kindness and compassion in the world. You will be met with supporting experiences. By contrast, if you take refuge in fear, and position the world around you as malevolent you will be met with exactly that!

Life would be more wholesome if you allowed the virtue of support to be active in your life. Don’t paint yourself into a corner. Deciding that nothing ever changes before you’ve even played with the possibility.

You have the love and support of those around you. You have the love and support of your Spirit Circle. And you have the love and support of the Divine… All of it waiting for you to ask for it! I promise you are worthy of it…

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3. Expressing the Power of Reciprocity

Mahatma Gandhi said: You must be the change you wish to see in the world. If your life is looking like pain, poverty and lack of love… Ask yourself the hard question: Am I expressing those qualities? If you want love you must give love. If you want help you must give support. This is the power of reciprocity.

Share the blessings in your life, and life will share her blessings with you!

The Divine spark of the Universe is always there working to meet your needs. Spirit wants to prove to us what we hold as the truth. What’s more is that Spirit wants to partner with us to paint the masterpiece that is life. If you are expressing prayers of want and need to the Spirit… Then you must also rise to the occasion of receiving and creating that need in your life.

Holding too tightly to stagnant, worn out, fear based beliefs puts you in the outer edge… You will always find yourself saying, “That life isn’t for people like me”, or “I am not one of the lucky ones.” You tread into the land of Martyrdom… And no one finds happiness there.

Think about it this way. You want to take flight from this painful, desolate place… There is no beautify, fun or excitement to be had here. There is a flight waiting to take you to your oasis. But you have to actually pack your bags, and make the journey to the airport, and get on the plane. Only then can Spirit whisk you away on a powerful flight to the other side of the world.

You are living your life, your story, and your power! Own it… And expect nothing less than the best. Be willing to give only your best in return. Only you can do it for yourself. Let your wild-heart show up BIG in the world! That is the secret to weaving a life of magic.

© Shaheen Miro 2016



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