5 Questions to Reveal Your Energetic Story

storytellingtarotYou are always telling an energetic story… these converging forces shape the life you are leading now. Conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs are working in unison to attract and repel situations, circumstances and people in your life. I call this your point of attraction… the vibration you are broadcasting to the world at large, which the Universe responds to. 

Your energetic story is composed of the thoughts, ideas, beliefs and actions you lead from in your life.

Essentially you are always in dialogue with your own creative force, and the creative force of the Universe. Each moment you are sending a signal out with the messages of what you believe to be true for you!

Knowing this you are always at a place of choice in your life. Though many people are broadcasting without knowing… sort of like butt-dialing an important person and blurting out all the things you don’t want them to know… yes, you’ve been found out by the Universe and it is responding to those private messages.

Soooo… what message your broadcasting? What experiences are you pulling into your life?

Below you will find a list of questions to ask yourself… honestly and bravely… to clarify the energetic story you are telling, and how that is shaping the life you currently lead. Journal on these questions. Be completely transparent with yourself. This isn’t a marathon Q&A… allow yourself to slip gently into the process. 

  1. How do you feel about your life right now? Be honest about the quality of your life, and how your thoughts, beliefs and actions are exasperating those circumstances. Or blessing them!
  2. What area or situation in your life do you feel unhappy, disappointed or restricted by? Knowing where you are unhappy begins the process of uncovering why! When you are unhappy you are in a place of resistance. Usually unhappiness stems from fear of change. Powerlessness is a condition that leads to lack, depletion and overall discomfort. BUT you can always change this!
  3. What area or situation in your life do you feel the most at joy with? Joy is a powerful word because it means you are having an open and expansive relationship with this beautiful experience… contentment is good, but can lead to stagnation. Motion equals change and change brings possibility for more goodness. Growth is essential to wellbeing. If you know where you already feel turned on you can grow that area and bring more of the good stuff. 
  4. What actions are you taking to attract or repel experiences into your life? Your actions are gestures that welcome or reject experiences into your life. Good or bad you are always sending out the signal. If you are attracting love, you are repelling hate. If you are attracting poverty, you are repelling prosperity. Pin-point the actions that continue the cycle to find your place of power. Do more of the good and less of the limiting.
  5. Is it true? You are always looking for proof for your beliefs. When you look for proof of limiting beliefs you are turning a blind eye to the goodness around you… leading to tunnel vision. You see only darkness, but to the left and right there is light. This is not wishful or magical thinking… asking if it is true is a brave inquiry  to find examples of what you desire, rather than what you don’t. Look for proof that blessings can come.

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If you ask these questions often you will breed more awareness into your life. Then you can make changes accordingly. You may not always be able to change the complete circumstance, but you can change your reaction to it. Changing your reaction calls back your power… you place yourself in the seat of choice. More magic will happen this way! 

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  1. […] 5 Questions to Reveal Your Energetic Story […]

  2. […] 5 Questions to Reveal Your Energetic Story […]

  3. […] 5 Questions to Reveal Your Energetic Story […]

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