6 Tips for a Successful & Empowering Intuitive Reading


A successful reading is always the goal. In my opinion as successful reading is one that leaves you feeling open, filled with insight, and empowered to step forward with curiosity and in control of your magic. Sitting with a reader is a step into discovery… but the reader is only the storyteller, they share the information that comes through. How you receive that information, and what you do with it is completely in your hands! 

When you come to sit for an intuitive reading (regardless of the method) you are making a conscious decision to partner with the reader to reveal and explore your world, inside and out. This partnership means that you must participate. No, you do not have to come to a reading and spill your life story before the session begins… but, you should be open to the experience completely ready to see, hear and explore the information being presented.

Testing a reader to see if they are “real” puts you in a place of resistance, sealing off your energy, and making it a useless affair for both parties. You wouldn’t go to a doctor and expect them to make an accurate health analysis without being upfront with them. Your session is for you!! The reader is just holding space and acting as a mouthpiece for you to have a dialogue with your own energetic story. 

1.) Be open to the experience… the more open you are, the more accurate and in-depth the reading will be! 

Sometimes you come to a reading with a specific question or concern… or just an inner prompting that it is time to get a reading. Many of my clients like to visit throughout the year to check in, see how things are going, and delve into a few key areas of their life they seem to be juggling at the time. A reading is always healing, enlightening and full of potential… come to the session with the intention that your eyes will be opened, and something of importance will be revealed to you.

Even if you come to a reading just for fun be respectful of the reader’s time… and your own. If it is all a joke to you then maybe having a session is not necessary at that time.

2.) Know why you are going… your intention for a reading sets the tone for the entire narrative of the session.  

I often get questions about how a reading works, and what can be expected during our time together. Just as each person being read is unique… so too are their readings. Each time we sit together something different can be revealed. Sometimes a session focuses on the inner world…prompting and promoting introspection. While other times a session can focus on the external, mundane experiences you encounter throughout your life.

Yes, the we can look at the future, and often times the future comes up very easily… showing you what will happen if you continue down the current path you are on. But if you focus specifically on the “predictions” you miss the major power that is being handed to you. A reading is meant to reveal energies that are at work… past, present and future because in the world of “energy” and “vibration”… the stuff that orchestrates everything you see and experience… there is no time.

3.) Be open to what comes up! Not fixated on the predictions that are being made. It is best to consider what you want to happen in your life. Rather than what will happen. This places you in the position of creator and director of your life. Rather than helpless bystander. 

I personally approach a reading as an exploration of your energetic story… your energetic story being the accumulation of your thoughts, beliefs, and experiences with the world, and how it responds to you. When we look at this narrative a clear picture comes through as to what is really going on in your life… a lot of times this runs deep into your core and reveals things that might not be readily apparent to you.

Because energy preceded form the energy/vibration you are working with in your life creates the “reality” you are living in. Understanding yourself on a vibrational level is essential for optimal wellness and to be fully empowered… and yet, this is a continual process of diving deep and coming up to the surface. One thing is revealed, pressed out and another crops up.

For this reason I consider a reading soul work… meaning that we are getting to the heart things and working to truly understand you… the big you (soul) and the little you (the person in a body living life)…. if you can be open to the unseen world, to the swirling world of vibration, you get so much more out of a reading. This allows us to create exercises and practices that can help you clear, create and direct your energy for your most intimate desires. 

4.) Open yourself up to the idea of energy, vibration and creating your reality on a deeper, more subtle level. 

Regardless of how long or short your session is a lot of information will be given to you. Sometimes this is confirmation of things that you already know, or feel to be true. Other times surprising revelations come through that make you feel lighter, and brighter. And then there are the difficult things you don’t want to hear… but usually prove to be necessary.

When I read for someone I stand behind what I say… even if that means telling you something that is a little more difficult to stomach. There are times when something that comes through makes no sense what so ever at the time… or at least it seems that way. Yet, later on down the road the pieces fall into place and the insight becomes clear. 

5.) Be open to what you receive… even if it is difficult to hear or doesn’t make sense. In time these things become clear stepping stones to feeling more empowered. 

Most importantly a reading is a time to awaken your innate magic to empower you! Work with a reader who you trust, and seems to resonate with you. When I sit with my clients it is always with love, compassion and great respect. I want you to know I am a friend, a witness, and a guide. 

It has been said many times, in many ways that the “healer” does not heal, but offers the space for you to heal yourself. A reading is a type of soul healing… it offers you a chance to be in your spirit… which means trusting yourself, your inner wisdom. 

6.) A reading is a space for you to discover your own wisdom… trust yourself, weigh the information against your own heart, and be clear about the experience you wish to have in life. It all comes down to intention! 

My most sincere prayer is for you to have a truly empowered life filled with blessings and experiences that allow you to fully express all the beauty that you are! Lets see if there is an Intuitive Reading Session in your near future…

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