6 Ways to Deal With Negative People

Lets face it we all have negative people in our lives. They can be toxic and draining. Sometimes the amount of negative energy being thrown at us can be so overwhelming that you can’t bare it any longer. It begins seeping into your own thought patterns and tainting your energetic story. You love them, you can’t live without them… but it seems unbearable to live with them at times! How do you combat the negative influence of these people? Here are a few tips for dealing with negative energy from people in your life.

  1. Be Clear. Be clear with your perspective of what you believe, want and need out of life. Often times the most influential negative people link into our weak spots and feed our insecurities which leads us down the rabbit hole and further into chaos. Be firm with what you want and need out of life. When they oppose those beliefs stay strong… and send them positive energy. Never feed their misery. Shine the light on their darkness. We all need that now and again.
  2. Create Boundaries. Boundaries are always essential because they tell energy where to go, and not to go. When it comes to negative people they usually want something from you. They want to link into your abundant positive energy and feed off of it. Or they want someone to fumble in the dark with them. If you create boundaries it keeps this from happening! The easiest boundary you can create is the White Light of protection.
  3. Reflect. Be open and honest with yourself. Ask yourself why this person is targeting you. Is it because they feel so close to you that they can confide in you? Is it because you are typically a positive person? Or a negative person? Is this a spouse? Or someone you feel responsible for? People are often mirrors, and their actions toward us can shed light on our own personalities and perspective.
  4. Tele Talk. When a person is especially difficult to deal with, and you feel your efforts never get through to them. Then talk to them telepathically. Spend 5-10 minutes a day sending them positive, affirmative and clear mental messages or pictures of what you are trying to get across to them. This should be informative, not judgmental. This will seep into their psyche and often come out in waking life without them even realizing it.
  5. Ground. Grounding is an important energetic step in daily life. You should ground yourself when you feel scattered, flighty, dull or just off. There are many methods you can use, but you can easily ground by placing your bare feet on the earth for a few minutes. Or doing a few yoga poses such as a few rounds of sun salutation. Do this after you’ve had an intense encounter with someone negative.
  6. Sweeten Things Up! Try a little folk method of sweetening things up between you and the person, or the situation. Write the name of those who are being negative or moody on a piece of paper 9 times. Write your name over their name in a crisscross fashion. Place it in a clean jar with a lid, and pour honey or sugar over it. The “sweet” energy of the sugar or honey will surround them and add sweetness to everyone involved.

I hope these techniques help you deal with the negativity in your life. Sometimes the best thing in these situations is to completely cut the source of negativity out of your life. This isn’t always easy, but it is very powerful.

The old saying is true… you are the company you keep!

I hope these suggestions offer something for your spiritual practice! Please, let me know if you have any other questions.

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