7 Radical Thoughts on Your Life Sucking

imageMy beautiful, fascinating wonderful people… Out there spiraling through the Universe. I hear you. I see you. And I totally feel you. You’re feeling dark. Maybe life is a little sucky?

I want to address a few things that I encounter everyday in my life, and the lives of all of you…

1. Things aren’t the way you want them to be! That could be an understatement. You feel like everything is falling apart. Your efforts are going nowhere. You can’t get ahead. And maybe you want to give up?

I get it. I have been doing a lot of shadow work lately, too. Rinse and repeat. There is always more shit to get out of your system… Your mind, your body, your soul. Limiting patterns of belief and fear that keep is in a gridlock of pain. It’s not pretty stuff… And no one wants to deal with it.


When people contact me they are coming to me because of pain, trauma, confusion, and general feelings of being stuck. They want somethings, they keep reaching for it, but despite efforts they can’t reach it… Believe me I know this intimately.

Where is my man? Why am I poor? How come I can’t get a new job? Why won’t my house sell? On and on… And on… (Let me say there are no stupid questions. All your questions are wonderful, and welcomed. But there are questions that can take us deeper!!)

I love it. I love to hear the intricacies of our lives. The dark, looming, ominous shadows that peek out of the closet and haunt us while we sleep. It lets me know we are all on this big, wild planet whirling into chaos. But there is a secret to it all…

People want to know when things I are going to happen. If they don’t seem to be happening they want to know how to make them happen. Or people want to know when thing are going to STOP happening. If they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon they want to know how they can make them stop.

2. I have said it a million times… And it is worth repeating. You are always telling an energetic story. That energetic story is the accumulation of your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, fears, sensations, and experiences about the world… And how you fit into it.

So when we look into your life psychically… We are looking at those very things. And those “things”, the voices that are leading your life create a very strong. No omnipotent narrative in your life… In fact, it is your life!

Your life… The color, texture, and quality of it is the manifestation of your very own personal microcosmic Universe… And it’s point of attraction. It is pushing and pulling things in and out of your life by the nano-second.

And at the center of this swirling-dervish-personal-universe is a nexus of power that creates whatever is put within it. It is your point of attention, attraction and awareness.


I will tell you… It means that EVERYTHING you give liberal amounts of energy to are going to take root, grow and sprout in your life…

So when you spend all your energy on… When is this pain/point of resistance (insert your personal flavor) going to end? You are putting that very thing into your personal nexus, thus creating more of that!

You see… Your personal universe doesn’t understand time… Past, present, futures. It knows only the right now. When you are in those other segments of linear time… Focusing on the junk… You are ferociously repeating the mantra of that exact point of pain!

“I’m lonely. I’m LONELY! I AM LONELY!”

“I have no money. I have NO money. I HAVE NO MONEY!”

You get the picture…

4. Really we are living in fear of our own power. And, trying to repair the damage of things that are better off discarded.

When you make the mental, emotional, and deeply soulful shift from… I want, I need, I don’t have… I’ll never get… Whatever it might be. To the completely centered… I AM! Then big things happen. You make a radical gesture in the Universe, and against the norm.

You are essentially saying… I am not asking for permission. I am going rogue. I do not need for anyone, or anything to prove to me I am these things… I am playing it my way!!

It’s a pretty big concept. Sometimes lofty. And, all together worthwhile. The power is in not letting anyone or anything knock you off course. And always reminding yourself that when you get off-course… You can redirect back to that place of empowerment.

Yes, it is about setting a clear INTENTION. But it is also about living that INTENTION by splashing it with some really juicy ATTENTION!

5. And then there is that other part… The letting go of the POINTLESS STUFF.

What do I mean?

I mean… stop trying to validate why you are hurt, or how you were hurt, or who did it. The trauma is not the point… It is healing it and seeing the flip side that is the point. Sorry if that sounds radical. But sometimes we spend too much time trying to feel sorry for ourselves, and really minimize how powerful we are.

Yes, I absolutely want you to spend time in self-love/care/compassion… You need that. That is actually the point of attraction you need to cultivate in order to heal. You do not have to forget what hurt you, or limited you, or exploited you.

But what you can do is say… Hey you did this shit to me. I didn’t like it. I am done with the power play. Thanks… Goodbye.

And from there the real healing begins.

6. Here is a good example that comes my way often. People feel like they have heaviness on them. Maybe a curse. or someone intending them ill will. So they want spiritual cleansing.

Spiritual cleansing is one of my FAVORITE THINGS! Because it helps to clear away the debris so the real healing can begin. Like washing the walls before you paint them.

But, most people come with a feeling of being vicimized. They want spiritual cleansing… And then they want it to be completely over. Never to deal with it again. SORRY it does not work that way…

When you do any kind of spiritual work it is not one and done. It is actually creating a shift. You are trying to establish a new flow, that is DIFFERENT from your old flow.

So if you do spiritual cleansing because you believe you are being targeted by someone… Then you are only seeing one side of the situation. You are also doing something to yourself… You have allowed (mostly on a deeply unconscious level) something of that person/situation to take hold in your subliminal space.


So we do spiritual cleansing to get the junk off and out of your system… And then we do big magic to replace that with something better. But it is a commitment and work on your part. My magic wand can’t just make it go away forever… At least not at this point in time!

7. You are so loved and supported… And you can heal!

I am spinning honesty over here… Just for you! Because this back and forth power play that we keep ourselves in with our potential and our pain is going nowhere fast.

When I work with you I want to HELP YOU TO HELP YOURSELF! Our time together is time to empower you. To give you the tools, the space, the perspective to make your own magic happen. So you can see results and actually cultivate change.

I don’t want you to sit in your life and feel like nothing is going to change. I don’t want you to sit down and shut up. I don’t want you to fade away and forget about your dreams… Because something made you feel small. You are NOT SMALL!

If you really want change then you have to get a little wild, crazy and ready to get dirty!

So does something in your life suck? Are you feeling bogged down? Are you wanting to make big changes?

Then let’s work together!! If you are willing to put in the self-love and self-care it takes to be brave, honest, and powerful in your life… Then we can do big things.

There will be a lot of shadow work. A lot of saying no. A lot of doors closing… To open better ones. And a lot of healing… And GETTING WHAT YOU WANT!

What are you feeling out there?

Hit me with your questions and comments… I want to know what YOU feel.

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  1. Shelley on May 13, 2016 at 5:20 am

    Thank you for that Shaheen, it is very helpful for me. I am busy working on myself in letting go of the past and letting go of my anger and hurt. It is difficult and hard to do but I have seen small changes in myself and will continue to do the work. Your input was very helpful to me as it has come at a time when I am feeling doubtful. So thank you once again. x

    • Shaheen Miro on May 16, 2016 at 7:28 pm

      I am so glad this gave you some good energy and hope. Keep yourself going. And be strong! And don’t hesitate to book a session… We can work on all of those feelings of uncertainty and make some magic happen 😉

  2. Rochelle Helm on May 13, 2016 at 9:40 am

    Well said!!! You are so very good at what you do!

  3. Jenny on May 13, 2016 at 11:38 am

    This is fucking GREAT! #2 #2 #2

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