8 Ways to L I V E Magic Everyday

Wild Priestess

“Stories are like genies…They can carry us into and though our sorrows. Sometimes they burn, sometimes they dance, sometimes they weep, sometimes they sing. Like genies, everyone has one. Like genies, sometimes we forget that we do. Our stories can set us free…When we set them free.”

Francesca Lia Block

  1. Always Say Yes to Adventures

Saying yes to a new adventure puts you in the path of opportunity. Your curiosity will carry you forward into unmarked, and undiscovered territory. Moving beyond the box and into these new places of experience opens you up for discovery. You find a new way of being in the world, and of flowing into your empowered adventures.

  1. Smile at and Talk to Strangers

Encountering new people with openness is something that few of us do, and yet it can lead to so many discoveries. All of us seem to be reaching for intimate connection… whether it is friendship or romance, but few of us actually jump at the opportunity to meet someone new. If you stay in the safe zone then nothing can get in, and you cannot get out! If you are uninspired by the life you are leading now, and want deeper connection then say hello to someone new and see what they can teach you, what worlds they can open for you.

  1. Take a Different Route in Your Daily Routine

Breaking the daily routine you have built into your schedule can cause profound shifts. Cracks in your awareness lead to even more adventures. Doing the same thing all the time, only leads to more of the same. But you want something new in your life… right? So get out there and do it differently than you did before. The added benefit here is that you learn to be more perceptive… slipping deeper into communication with your wisest self.

  1. Speak Assertively About Your Intentions

In order for intentions to take root they must be met with commitment. Speaking assertively about what you intend to do packs a force that reverberates through the Universe. It moves your intentions and desires from dream to reality. We tend to speak assertively, energetically about what we believe to be true… so if you speak about your intentions in a passive way they can never grow roots and wings. Try doing this in your alone time. Speak an affirmation aloud in a passive manner and notice the feeling. Then speak it again in an affirmative/assertive manner and notice the difference.

  1. Gather with and Ask for Help from Friends

Your collective of people is a big source of power. Remember, each person, thing and situation you have a connection to holds a part of your energy. If you do not feel fluid with these connections then you are essentially bleeding away precious personal power. Gather with friends; share in their love, respect, ideas and dreams. In times of need draw from that collective power and resources… and be sure to do the same when you can be the helper.

  1. Rest and Relax, and Listen to Your Body

Your body is always talking to you. Your body is the narrative of your inner world, it tells the story of your energetic history. Taking time to honor and listen to your body will give you more insight into what is working and what isn’t. Here is the true place of healing. Rest and relaxation helps you unwind the coiled up energies that live in your body so you can become conscious of your intentions and, ultimately, realign and refine your state of wellbeing.

  1. Be Curious and Creative

Curiosity and creativity are pathways to enlightenment. You are meant to be fluid, express and experiential. Most of us are busy trying to build high wall and tougher boarders to confine us from the dangers and pain of the outside world. That is fear-based, lack-mentality living. The only way to get closer to what you want, and to truly live well, is through expression… use your creativity by falling in love with your curiosity. Passion will follow. Make a commitment to pull at the threads of one curiosity and see where it takes you!

  1. Unapologetically Live Your Truth

Unapologetically be you… that is your DIVINE right. When you live your truth you find magic in every moment. And guess what? You don’t have to know, consciously, what that truth is. When you are curious and creative you live life in a place of discovery. You become who you’ve always been, and who you’ve never really been before. Isn’t life amazing! So what is one thing you always want to do… big or small… but you are afraid of? Make a radical gesture of self-expression and see how it feels out in the world.

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