Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Are you confused? Needing answers, clarity or guidance? Want confirmation? Struggling to understand an person or situation? Feeling unwell and off balance?

An Intuitive Consultation w/ Shaheen Will Change Your World!

Click Below to BOOK Your Intuitive Guidance Session:

Mini Intuitive Guidance Session/Reading: 10 Minutes $22 

A Mini Reading focusing on ONE question. Email question prior to reading for a through answer in allotted time. Great for quick check-in or before a longer session. Down and dirty!

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General Intuitive Guidances Session: 30 Minutes $62

A general session offers insight into key areas of your life uncovering things you need to know and how you can use this wisdom for your wellbeing.

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Extended Intuitive Guidances Session: 1 Hour $123 

An extended session gives us more time to do the work. We not only reveal what you need to know, but we find ways for you to create change. We can test alternative routes, and run good energy for change. This is a great option to go deeper!

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“During your Intuitive Guidance Session I will look into you, your life, and your personal Energetic Story. Your Energetic Story is the accumulation of your thoughts, ideas, beliefs and fears about the world, and how you fit into it. It is through your Energetic Story you narrate your unique life experience.

“In session you gain insight and clarity on where you are, and where you are heading. By looking into your present flow we find ways to help you consciously create the life you want. Activating and empowering the areas that build you up, and give you life, and redirecting attention away from that which drains you.

“Remember that everything is energy, and energy is fluid. So nothing is really set in stone. We partner together to move energy and intention to make big magic, and big change in your life. The very act of participating in an Intuitive Guidance Session will become a catalyst for change and inner transformation.

“An Intuitive Guidance Session is Sacred Space. It is your time to discover insight and clarity about key areas of your life. Spirit will move us in the right direction, but it is only with your openness and permission that we can go deep into your Energetic Story to do big work! It is important to know that a session is uniquely yours, the information is not mine to keep, and so we partner together to understand the whole story!”



  • A consultation is NOT a substitute for medical, psychological, or financial advice, seek out a doctor or an appropriate professional.
  • This is a spiritual and creative meeting. Each session will be unique to the person. With that said: “I am not reliable for any actions you take after your session. A session is only a stepping off point for you, with suggestions and prompts.”
  • Legally.. A reading is for “Entertainment Purposes only”. I am not responsible for what you do with the information or how you act upon it.
  • You are responsible for payment of a reading and all payments must be paid PRIOR to the session. Phone readings must be paid through PayPal.
  • You must inquire about a reading at least 24 hours in advance (48 is more reasonable) and agree upon a day and time for us to speak. DO NOT assume that I will read for you within a few hours of contacting me. Be mindful of my time and schedule an appointment like you would with any other professional. 
  • Punctuality is of the utmost importance with a session, as I have many clients. You are responsible for the time allotted. If you are late to a session then we will have to shorten your time to accommodate the next client’s session (and you are still responsible for the full payment of the time scheduled). If you need to cancel or reschedule, please respect my time, and do it 24 hours in advance (Unless it is an emergency).
  • A good rule of thumb for time between sessions is 3 months, unless something major happens and you want to check in.
  • I have the right to deny working with anyone.NewsletterSign-up-01

91 thoughts on “Intuitive Guidance Sessions

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  2. I am ready for a reading whenever you have the time. Usually Tues between 9-12 am or Thurs 2-5 pm Ca time, works best.

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    • I have been rid told I’m under a particularly powerful evil spell that had become part of my being basically. I know that I have a dark shadow attached, rooted even on my left side. I feel it’s rooted in more than one spot as well. Any advice? I really need some help with this….

      • Hello Amanda, Thank you for visiting the site. There is a number of techniques presented here that you can try on your own. If you would like to set up a consultation with me please contact me through the contact form.

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  5. I had a read done once and that girl had me running out the door , she was so dead on! This time I would like more guidance in my reading but need to know you are as dead on as my first read was. I also need to know the cost.

    • Hello Karen. I would be happy to set up a consultation with you. It is $60 for a half hour. I know nothing about the person who read for you before, or the expectations you have. But I can say that my readings speak for themselves. If you are looking for a positive catalysts in your life then I think this is for you.

    • Hi there Shaheen, do you remember me? I first met you at Nancy Osborns house in Calif. since then you have done consultations for me by phone. I think I am in a place where you could be helpful again. Could we please set up an appointment at your convenience? Thanks in advance Rochelle Helm Ph 805-558-1572


  6. Hi I am going through some shit. I am happy I have a great family an my first perfect baby and I am in love and so happy like never before but I am in a panic because I don’t know how to pay for anything or how orbif I can get out of this financial rut.

    • Hello Vanessa, I am sorry to hear about your situation. I suggest trying some of the techniques and exercises presented here. If it feels right for you we could set up a privates session. Until then, I am sending good vibes.

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  21. Shaheen, I would like to pay for a 30 min
    Consultation for my sister for her birthday.
    Plez contact me for a credit card no or I can
    send you a check as I have done before.
    If that’s your choice send me an address.
    Her name is Lori Godeau (good dough) and
    Her # is 805-570-2653. She’s had lots of ups
    And downs with her husband who has many
    medical problems. They are now buying a
    home and they should be OK.

      • Shaheen l am so sorry but. I don’t do PayPal. Can you call for a Credit card no. or I. Can mail a check. My phone no is 805 558 1572. Everything you told me was spot on. John and I are married now and my life’s is wonderful. BTW. I would like to do an hour for my sister. Love you. Rochelle

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  27. Shaheen,

    I have been following your blog and YouTube posts for quite sometime. I am very excited and eager to have an hour session reading with you. I am going to set aside some time 2nd weekend in May and book my appointment early. Continued peace and goodwill to you. Keep raising us higher.

    • Hello Alex, I am so glad you reached out. I love hearing from people out there who are connecting with my work. I would love to speak with you. When you are ready send me a message and we will make a time for your session. I look forward to it! Keep shinning bright 🙂 Shaheen

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    • Hello John, Thank you for contacting me. I would be happy to help you. I am not sure what portion of the cleansing you need guidance on. Have you read through the many articles I have on spiritual cleansing? If you need a more personal question answered consider setting up an Intuitive reading, or do a quick one question reading. You can find that information on this page.

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    • Hello Norma, So wonderful to hear from you. Yes, I do readings via phone or email. Many of my clients live in different parts of the world. If you would like to set up a session or have any other questions feel free to email me via the contact page 🙂 Shaheen

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  40. Hi Shaheen,
    I want to book a general intuitive reading with you. Paypal is currently giving me problems at the moment. Is there an alternative? Please let me know by email.

    All the best,

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  66. Shaheen, Hi handsome, it’s Rochelle, Nancy
    Osborne friend. I just booked a 1 hour with
    You. No hurry, at your convenience. We are
    leaving Sat for a week in Mexico, so perhaps
    when I get back. Really looking forward to it.
    Life is very good for me right now.

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