A Tarot Spread for When You Feel Low

tarot spread for when you feel low from tarot for troubled times

Here is a tarot spread for when you feel low from my book Tarot for Troubled Times.

We are at the threshold of a lunar eclipse full moon, which makes this a great time for introspection. I look to use this spread for guidance and direction. With this spread you can gain clarity to help you move forward with ease.

Right now my whole being vibrates with the intensity of this cosmic weather. I am tapped into the sacred hum of the moon. Lunar energy always invites me to spend days and nights unraveling fragments of myself. I seek deeper truth and healing through journaling and pulling tarot cards.

When you feel low two tarot cards are drawn in this spread.

  • One card is chosen consciously by identify an image that crystallizes your current state of mind.
  • A second card is chosen at random as a tarot prescription a way of working with these present energies for self-empowerment.

Riding this crescendo of energy that’s been building toward the Lunar Eclipse. It feels like a passageway. A choice. Maybe an initiation. Light…“illuminates the ley lines of our life choices, asking us to clearly see what has been driving them.” from the Mystic Mamma 

The first tarot card drawn: The Chariot from the Neo Tarot.

I kept coming back to this one in particular. I see myself there in the center. Meditative repose, wielding lunar fire, determined to follow these ley lines of energy. I am seeking alignment. A sense of connection between body, mind and spirit. Head and heart. Light and shadow. I want to move forward with deliberate intention.

The second tarot card drawn: The 3 of Wands. 

Asking spirit to offer me a tarot prescription I pulled this card at random. This is a beautiful card of expansion, travel, success and options.

Instantly I stand and stretch. Letting my body open to the possibilities found out on the open sea, illuminated by bright sun. Three channels of power surround me, but I can only choose one wand to use. The wand as a pen moving across the page. I know something wishes to be brought to life through this pen.

So I ask myself:

What idea will I write about?

How can I direct my words with clarity and focus?

What creative force wants to move through me now?

I invite you to work with this powerful Full Moon Eclipse.

Use this tarot spread when you feel low. You can try it with this full moon, or anytime you like. Just choose two cards. One for your current state of mind and one for a tarot prescription.

Share your reflections.

I would love to hear all about it!!

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