A State of Communion with the Sacred Light and Shadow for New Years Magic

640px-William_Blake,_Hecate_or_the_Three_FatesThe air is heavy and thick. A feeling of change writhes through the streets and deep into the heart. All our parts are coming undone. The spots between the fragments are starting to show. Incongruencies are growing too great to ignore. So our shadow seeps out, dark and looming… a gentle teacher imposing upon us.

As I sit here I am lulled into a trance through the sound of my own voice. My spirit floating in the resonance of the piano as it stirs the room. Bearing my heart and soul to the world. Every nuance is a prayer of parting, a willingness to let go and let Spirit take over. I go into that place between the waking and the dream… the sacred trance of metamorphosis.

Here I can release and lay to rest the pain and the upset, the heaviness of the year, the fears and the regrets. Here I can become whole again. In the light of my own spirit, and the storm of my own soul. Raw and uninhibited, I pull that sacred breath into me for sustenance.

If I go forward into this New Year, I want to go bravely.


Battling all the things that no longer make sense. I want to name them. Name them one by one, call them out. There is power in a name. If I give them a name I give them life. If I give them life then they are real. And if they are real they can be banished away.

But this isn’t about pointing the finger and spreading blame. This is a sacred communion with the shadow self…and the light self. If you are brave enough to call out what doesn’t work, then you create the space for what does. You teach the Universe how to treat you through how you treat yourself.

What will you tolerate in your life? What will you expect out of life?

Who will you give your time, heart, money and energy to?

How will you see yourself?

How will you love yourself?

I am shinning light on the dark spots, the shadows that live in the shallow spots. I will siphon out the pain, and give it to the waters, to the storm, to the Mother Earth as a sacred offering. Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust… the new rises from the bones of the gone.  


What are you giving up as the year closes? Find a pebble of pain, or a boulder. Name it. We rarely let ourselves talk openly about what hurts, what brings us sorrow, what confuses and drains out the spirit. Now is your chance to name your pain, and validate how you feel!

Once you’ve named your point of pain, spend time with it. See it in all of its glory. Personify your pain. What does it look like, sound like, feel like, smell like? Give it life. Make it real. Commune with it, talk to it out loud! Share your feelings. Get real.

Express gratitude to the monster of your pain. When you address your shadow as a friend, rather than an enemy you allow your shadow to be there for you. It no longer has to sneak up behind you and catch you off guard. Truly, your pain has given you a chance to see where you can grow.

Muster your power, and your grace… and toss it to the tides. Toss it into the ragging, empowered, tides of the Universe for change. Find your personal way of doing this. You can dance, shout, and scream. Write down your woes and rip them into shreds. Spin until you fall into a dizzy heap on the floor. This is an affirmative action!


Take sacred time for yourself. When I grow weak with confusion and begin to buckle under the pressure of pain I seek silence and solitude. I go into my little world of Moonlight, crystals, candles and words of magic. There I can find Spirit and I can feed on the good energy of the Universe.

It is in these moments of silence that we touch the pure-self. We dismantle the tangled words and voices that run through our heads, and we let the true voice speak. There we can hear what our wisest self has to say. These are the suggestion that feed the spirit, and empower you.


When you can, light a candle in the night. This candle should be white, and new. Light it in the darkness of a private room. Let your kneeling figure cast shadows on the walls illuminated by the candle.

Watch as your own body cast a menagerie of creatures and figures around you. Move your body; free your arms and legs to dance. Give life to these shadows. See them become something outside of you. Let them fill you with childlike wonder. Fall curious to the Unknown.

Now smile brightly and affirm:

Through shadows I find grace. Through darkness I find light. From the past I find the future. From my bravery I find power. I go into the New Year curious and free.

Blow out the candle. Rest on the ground for a moment. And take in your experience. You are ready for big magic, and big change!

© Shaheen Miro 2015





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  1. Karen Reese on January 3, 2016 at 11:05 pm

    This is why I love to read your blogs!

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