Are You Hungry for Change?

Do you ever feel like you’re trying to make a change in your life and things just aren’t happening quickly?

I know that feeling all too well, despite the positive thinking and the appropriate actions, the energy and momentum just don’t seem to be there. When I hit all wall like this I turn to ceremony, ritual and intention work.

My favorite form of practical magic is candle magic!

When I am working on a specific intention in my life I craft a talisman candle to crystallize my desire, whether it is to draw something new into my life, or break down blocks of resistance and send something away. Candles are a powerful way to shift, change and completely transform energies… and they are beautiful, practical tools that ANYONE can use!

My talisman candles are hand dressed, meaning I handle each one while applying botanicals, oils and other curios that hold a specific vibration for your desire. I charge and seal each one, and fill it with sacred breath to align with your desire and help you make magic in your own life!

In a world where everything can feel stuck and stagnant it’s wonderful to have a little extra boost when you’re working on creating the life you want.

These candles are meant to align with your desire and help you achieve results. The candle holds magic and intention, but you ignite it into life. With your own commitment to creating change, charged and aligned with the ceremony of lightning the candle you get results.

Remember, you have to do the work too… Action + Intention=RESULTS!!

Candles that are available now: Road Opener (to clear your path of hurdles), Money Drawing (to bring in cash), Spiritual Cleansing (to remove those low vibes), and Come to Me (to draw that person or thing near).

Candles are $20 each + $7 priority shipping. If you buy two candles shipping stays the same!

To order your candle just send a message through the contact form!!

© Shaheen Miro | All Items Sold as Curio


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