Body Mind Spirit Tarot Spread for a Daily Check-In

body mind spirit tarot spread from tarot for troubled timesThe Body Mind Spirit Tarot Spread is one of my favorite’s from my book Tarot for Troubled Times. Recently, The Tarot Lady discussed the spread on her podcast Tarot Bytes. As one of our top go-to tarot spreads I wanted to share it with you here!

For this reading I used one of my favorite decks The Neo Tarot by Jerico Mandybur and Daiana Ruiz!

How to Use the Body Mind Spirit Tarot Spread 

Try creating a daily practice for yourself by using this simple spread. It always helps me set a clear intention for the day and stay focused on my wellbeing. But this spread is versatile to any situation so you can check-in with yourself whenever you need.

To begin you’ll pull three cards at random from your tarot deck. One card for each: Body, Mind and Spirit. These cards offer a holistic look at your current state of being. Use each card as a prompt for journaling, to create a game-plan for your day or as a focal point for meditate. Play with the possibilities here!!

My Daily Reading with the Spread 

First Card~Body: Knight of Pentacles

Lately I’m focusing on my health. Eating better, getting more sleep and listening to what my body needs. My environment is very important to me, so along with being mindful of my body, I’m purging clutter and possessions I no longer need. This is a reminder that slow and steady leads to lasting changes. Crystal prescription Red Jasper for added strength, vitality and stability.

Second Card~Mind: Six of Pentacles

I’ve spent the past few months in introspection. Reviewing life, setting intentions and making plans. Now it’s time for action. Out of my head and into the streets. I’m reminded to ask for help and be open to receive when it comes. Crystal prescription Serpentine for transmutation, regeneration and protection.

Third Card~Spirit: The Fool

I am ready for adventure! In the past week or so everything has shifted in a positive direction. Now it’s time to leap into the unknown, take a chance and try something new. I’m going to be spontaneous. Committing radical gestures of self-expression!! Crystal prescription Carnelian for courage and confidence.

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Your turn to give it a try!

Pull three cards. Meditate on them. Journal about what you find. I love to hear what insights this offered you. Share your reading in the comments!!

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  1. OLEXICA on October 30, 2019 at 5:43 am

    It’s a great spread and is among the first ones that worked for us! If you are familiar with Reality Transerfing practices that emphasize the unity of Mind and Soul in their aspiration as a requisite for aligning your life to your values and manifesting what you truly desire, it could make sense to make it a Mind / Soul / Body spread, Body being the vessel for both Mind and Soul. You can also substitute the Mind / Body / Spirit with Today’s Feelings / Today’s Health / Today’s Thoughts, which could help you concentrate your intuitive power if you are a beginner.

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