Monthly Tarot Card: The Lovers

Ah! The Lovers…  most people light up when they see this card. Bright eyed and excited they say, “So a new love is coming into my life then… right? That’s what The Lovers means doesn’t it?”, Whoa! Slow down… not necessarily. This card has more than the superficial meanings when it shows up.

The Lovers card is often depicted with a man and woman lovingly embracing or being married, with angelic beings hanging overhead. This card heralds in great energy, anticipation and spiritual connection, but it also sends to us a challenge.

The Lovers card is more than just loving relationships; The Lovers card brings to us a choice. As there are two lovers, there are two paths. You must choose the one that is best for you. In every relationship there is the choice to commit and the choice to walk away.

The things I want to make clear is that The Lovers card doesn’t have to mean that a love relationship is coming into your life, it can and often it does, but on a deeper level it speaks of a challenge that you must devote much thought and energy to. Just as the lovers are graced by an angel over heard, you must know that there will be divine guidance with you and Universal order will always prevail… whether you take the long route or the short one.

When showing up in a reading The Lovers usually remind us that we have power in every situation, no matter how powerless we may feel. The path you are on now and the path you will take are all laid out by the choice that you make. We are on a constant journey and on some level we have pulled into our life the things that we need to learn and experience.

I feel that this card shows up when you are at a crossroad and in need of picking a path, a side or in need of a conclusion. If you receive this card, know that you need to take action instead of sitting around and waiting. Each decision you make trust in your intuition and know that each time you embrace your inner guidance… your spiritual relationship with yourself grows deeper and deeper.

I want you to affirm, “Each choice I make is rooted in my spiritual guidance and the wisdom of the universe. I walk down my next path, knowing I take one step closer to Spirit.”

© Shaheen Miro June 15, 2011

Monthly Tarot Card: The Star

The Star is one of the most brilliant cards in the Major Arcana of the tarot deck; It’s suck a powerful card and its one of my favorite. I know when this card shows up it’s a time of new energy and a time of new beginnings. Wishes are coming true and dreams are being fulfilled.

Looking at this card you often see a woman standing half in the water and half on the land, holding a cups pouring water on the ground and back into the ocean. She is often sky-clad and serene. She reminds us that we must walk the middle ground between worlds and it’s when we let down our guard, take of the layers and really step out into the unknown that we become filled up and whole.

When I see the star I instantly feel in touch with my spirit. She clears away the worn out and the heavy allowing only light to remain. I think that we are all trying to be in the light, the light of the stars and the moon. The spiritual light that has lived inside of us since the beginning shinning free… a forgotten lantern lit once again.

When you see the star you know that it is time to rest and just be at peace. There is nothing to be afraid of; there is nothing to bring you down. Even in the darkness you can find a soft and gentle glow. A guiding light will show you the way if you just look up and trust. The Star is asking you to surrender and trust.

I believe that The Star could easily be called the soul because she is the light that lives in all of us. She is the beautiful, pure and unchanged being that resides deep inside. When you look into the mirror, look past the years, the pain and the circumstance and see the gentle light, the windows to your soul, there lives the star.

Remember to always ask the guiding light of intuition to lead the way. Just close your eyes, shut out your fears and trust. The Star is about trusting the process, trusting your intuition and trusting Spirit. It’s through trusting the process that dreams come true!

“I was fearful of the darkness, I was fearful of the change. Then she took my hand and pulled me into the night. We danced among the velvet blankness of nothing. We danced through the storm; we danced back to the sea. We danced until the light cast everything else away.” –SM

© Shaheen Miro 5/10/2011

Monthly Tarot Card: The Sun

The day has been very busy and draining. I found myself driving around relentlessly looking for a new car with my best friend and every lot we passed seemed to take us further into used car hell. I couldn’t look at another one because they all reeked of worn out energies and neglect.

Shortly after I began to finish up some sewing, which was part nightmare, part dream come true. The process of taking one of your beautiful designs and bringing it to life can often times suck the passion right out of the project. You work on a design and then you finally take a look at it and think, “God I am so tired of looking at you.” But really you know that it’s the lack of sleep and the extreme exhaustion talking… so I pushed on telling myself one more stitch and it will all be over.

Dinner was wonderful. I needed something to recharge me and to put my evening in wind down mode. Getting home and seeing my little black cat allowed me to be at ease and I decided it would be a wonderful time to pick a tarot card for the month.

Shuffling the Zerner Farber Tarot deck I found myself being pulled in by all the wonderful colors. This deck has been with me for many years and I love how rich it is in symbolism. I pulled out only the major Arcana and asked the cards, which one wanted to speak to me… I pulled The Sun card.

A beautiful card to have, especially when you are feeling exhausted. The Sun speaks of good fortune and energy entering into your life, a resurgence of good health and positive thinking. This card to me says that my body and immune system are getting stronger and that the icky energies of the winter are beginning to completely wash away.

As a creative person this card is usually a signal that a new project or artistic endeavor is about to ensue. I find it fascinating that the Sun card appears as if it is warming and nurturing precious seeds of inspiration allowing them to grow and bloom into consciousness. So I stand here ready and willing to accept this wonderful gift and to carry on with being creative.

There is a message for everyone in this card right now. Because the sun is the source of all life here on planet Earth it symbolizes a sense of vitality, strength and even community. This card is a reminder that the light only shines on those who willing invite it.

As a community this planet has really done very little to sustain a sense of love, acceptance, support and brotherhood. Its time to realize that in order to heal the planet and to heal our selves we have to start with loving one another. Love everyone you see and know that they love you too… at least the best way they know how.

The Sun reminds us that there is beauty everywhere. The spring is here and everything is coming back to life. As we watch the flowers bloom we should allow the special parts of us to bloom too. Give your concerns to the light and allow your unique talents to shine.

Take a few minutes to visualize a beautiful bright light, like that of a warm summers sun shinning down on you. Let it filly your every cell, pore, bone, muscle and fiber. Let the light fill your mind and spirit. As the light floods through you, it cast out all the negative and unhealthy energies. See yourself shinning brightly like colored glass in a window. Ask yourself now, “What can I invite into my life to make it a little brighter?”

© Shaheen Miro 4/18/2011

Monthly Tarot Card: Death March 19, 2011

Death is the traditionally the 13th card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck. This is one of the most feared and misunderstood cards of the deck and I often hear people say, “God I hope I don’t get the death card!” because it terrifies them. I am here to tell you that the Death card is one of the most magical, brilliant and truly spiritual cards of the Tarot.

First let me say that this card would be more appropriately titled “Transformation”. If this card is pulled it is more likely speaking of a metamorphosis, rather than a physical death. Many people fear the idea of death because they fear loss, but death is actually a strangely intimate and wise creature. Death allows us to be reborn and renewed.

Whenever I think of this card, I instantly think of the metamorphosis of a butterfly. How it changes from a less than beautiful caterpillar to something gorgeous and ephemeral. Think of yourself in this same way. It’s much easier to ride the waves of change than to fight them, and in the end there is always a treasure to be cherished.

With the card of death always comes a lesson. You have completed one phase of learning and you are now entering another. I feel that if the death card comes up you have triumphed over something difficult and it’s now time to rejoice. But death may also council you to befriend your fears before they get the better of you.

To understand this card you must take to heart the simple truths of death itself. Death has no bias, it has no favorites; death is simply a law that energy must abide by. The truth is nothing can ever be destroyed, so you have to think of death as a gatekeeper of sorts or the doorway itself.

If you get this card then you are in an extremely powerful place of change, where energies are being shifted and transmuted. This card may herald new beginnings in your life physically, mentally or spiritually. Be ready for these shifts and embrace them.

There is nothing frightening about death; from it stems a new phase of consciousness. Be open to transformation. As you transform the old, worn-out and tired parts of you are reborn into something new.

Affirmation: “I move with the cycles of divine transformation. Each change leaves me reborn; radiant and empowered.”

Reflections: What part of your life is in need of change? What parts of yourself would you like to transform?



© Shaheen Miro March 19/2011

Monthly Tarot Card: The Wheel of Fortune February 7, 2011

The Wheel of Fortune is a card about movement and change. It represents cycles and seasons in our lives. This card is the archetype of change and transformation. Whether it is change of circumstance, expectations or attitude this card teachers us to move with the cycles of life.

Manifestation is about movement and action. You cannot have the life you want by sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and giving away your power. You must learn to stand up and be secure in your strengths and your abilities. The Wheel turns by not only the invisible hands of Spirit, but also by your own hands.

The Wheel reminds us that we are not victims to circumstance. You create your reality. The Universe can only give you what you ask for. There are things in your life that are beyond your control, but your reaction to those experiences is what you must be aware of. That is the true key to manifestation and spiritual mastery.

Mystical beast, creatures and gods often accompany the image of the Wheel. These beings represent the many forces that are at your disposal. They also represent the different energies that you encounter on your life path. They are a reminder that we have a whole army of celestial helpers: Angels, Spirit Guides, Passed loved ones and Spiritual Masters.

The other aspect of the Wheel of Fortune you must understand is that your life is filled with many different lessons. These are the spokes on the wheel of perfection. Each obstacle you encounter in life leads you one step closer to unraveling the mystery of your own divinity.

We are here as spiritual beings seeking to grow. The lesson that we are here to learn is that we are truly divine creatures, and with our divinity we have the power to create. The key is to learn to move in sync with the cycles of experience. Once you live from your highest self, your intentions become in sync with the intentions of Spirit.

Ask yourself now, “Do my desires serve my highest good? Am I creating what I want in my life? What facet of change and growth am I resisting? What is calling to my spirit now that I am refusing to listen to?” If something negative or unfavorable is recurrent in your life, then there is some part of it you haven’t learned from and embraced. Keep this in mind while asking these questions.

Take time to truly answer these questions, be honest with yourself. Write the answers out. Read over them. Make changes accordingly. Remember that your angels and celestial helpers are always here guiding and helping you, but you must ask for their aid.

Affirm daily: “I am living, creating and establishing a life that serves my highest good and the good of all. I am mindful of my experiences and I allow myself to grow and evolve.”

© Shaheen Miro 2/7/2011

The Hierophant: Spiritual Authority

The Hierophant:

The Hierophant is a powerful card in the major Arcana of the Tarot because he is theintellectualizing of intuition and spirit. There becomes a divide in peoples lives where they either 1.) Directly connect to the divine or 2.) Seek a connection through a holy source.  There is nothing wrong with learning from a teacher, master, saint or guru… but they all share the same goal of teaching you to trust in your own wisdom.

As an archetype and symbol of spiritual authority and divinity channeled with discipline The Hierophant shows us that life has order and hierarchy. This can be seen in our ideas of age, class, race and religion. But what this card is mostly speaking of is our connection with spiritual and divine authority.

This card offers us a chance to ask: “To what power am I giving my destiny to?”

I want you to take a moment to meditate on this powerful thought, because this is key in becoming the master of your own destiny and learning to consciously manifest. If you are giving your power to a limiting source of “divinity”, one that seeks to take control out of your hands, then you will not be manifesting the life that you want.

There is no right or wrong answer to this questions, but what the Hierophant wants you to know is that your divine source is meant to be a co-creator with you, helping you to have the power and vision to create the life you want. Blind faith and static will not achieve what you want out of life. Spirit meets you in the middle.

“I seek the partnership of the Divine (your god-source). I ask to be a co-creator of my destiny. I ask that the pure light of the universe fill my life allowing me to work from my highest good. I seek to live my life by connecting with my inner well of wisdom.”

Best Wishes


Copyright 1/26/2011 by Shaheen Miro