say good-bye to dying legends

I woke up from a nap to discover the tragic news that we lost another legend, Whitney Houston. Sadness came over me as I thought for a second what that meant… Another beautiful soul, voice and talent gone from the world. It was just a few hours before my nap that I was singing, “I Will Always Love You.”

Whitney Houston was a powerhouse. She had such an amazing voice, and an emotive way of expressing her songs. She could take you from happy, to sassy, to sad and moving in seconds. That is the sign of a talented singer. She gifted us with so many great songs… and sang her heart out.

Lets remember her for all the beautiful work she left us. We saw someone expose their soul on songs and movies. She gave herself to us. She sang for us and gave us a voice. She will be remembered for that. She is another legend… who has gone on to become a bright and guiding light.

It is sad that she passed at such a young age, 48. And up to this point we don’t know the cause of death. Let’s pray now that she is able to finally be at peace, and rest. Send prayers to her and her family. Light a candle and surround yourself with some beautiful music.

After the passing of Etta James, and Now Whitney Houston… I am beginning to realize how important it is to live… live life to the fullest. Fearless and free. Love people, love yourself and love what you do. Don’t let your talents and dreams and inspirations turn to dust, don’t wait for the right time to come. Make magic happen now. It’s in you, I promise.

Saying good-bye to dying legends. Be silent and hear the sing, among heartbeats and prayers. Look up to the darkest sky and see them… as they become stars… our guiding lights. –Shaheen Miro

© Shaheen Miro 2/11/2012

my week with marilyn

Colin Clark, an employee of Sir Laurence Olivier’s, documents the tense interaction between Olivier and Marilyn Monroe during production of The Prince and the Showgirl.

Last night I saw the movie My Week With Marilyn, starring Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe. The movie was strange, abstract and intriguing to me. There was something peculiar about the way the movie was filmed; almost like brief blimps of events strung together, to give us a picture of whom Marilyn Monroe was.

Though I have read briefly about Marilyn Monroe and I know that she had a dark, tortured and introverted side, I never knew the severity of her condition. The movie portrays her in an almost childlike manner. Her interaction with people and the world seemed to be convoluted. She wasn’t just a pretty face, that smiled and made the world light up… she had a very tortured soul.

As I was watching the movie, I started to get the impression that she was a little disturbed, to the point that she may have had some sort of mental disorder; now that’s just my speculation from the film. It was as if she wanted to be convinced that she wasn’t crazy and that she was good enough. It was painful at times to watch her because she seemed so distant, so lost and so misunderstood. People didn’t seem to know how to take her.

Her self-confidence was lacking in a big way, and you could tell in the movie that she almost felt empty… as if Marilyn was some mask that she put on for the world. She seemed conflicted, feeding off the adoration of fans, yet losing herself more and more.

The movie highlighted the contrast between her on film and off, the gap between her ability to captivate once filmed, but her almost inability to “act” in the traditional sense. At times I felt like she was almost possessed by her character… and until that moment when the spirit entered her… nothing could happen.

It must have been a scary life for her. She clearly wanted to be loved, and though the world still adores her… that was never really what she needed. What she was missing was herself. She couldn’t give up the ghost… the longer she went on, the more she lost herself, and the more she needed the camera, the lights and the people.

I can relate to the feeling of living in two worlds, when she said, “Should I be her?” There was something raw and revealing about it. She knew Marilyn was never really who she was… it was her character. We all have characters we play, don’t we?

If you haven’t seen it yet… I suggest you do. It’s interesting. Give it time to grow on you. I wasn’t sure I liked it until the end. Now I feel a connection to her. The woman behind the starlight really spoke to me.


© Shaheen Miro 12/18/2012

telling everything

I consider this place home in many ways. Here I can share my words, thoughts and feelings. We are all gypsies on a journey… in the world, in our hearts and souls. A little piece of my story is a little piece of yours… like a deck of weathered old cards, a collection of faces, with different meanings, times and messages. I want to tell it all, the dark and the light… every facet of how I see it and feel it. I want to share my stories… and I want to know yours.

Who are the characters that dance in the play of your life? What chapter are you writing, right now? There is something that is unfolding in front of you as you read this, something that is calling to you, something that you are drawing to you. Everything has meaning, every second is filled with magic. Don’t lose those serendipitous moments… don’t ever stop dreaming because when you do… you lose it all. Our dreams are how the universe knows what to give us.

In every great story, there is tension, conflict, and climax. One thing leads to the next, as layers and layers build on each other. What direction are you going in now? Be mindful of everything… read between the lines even. You never know when you will truly stumble upon your dreaming. So please keep following your adventure, with wide eyed wonder and commitment to everything that feels exhilarating.

Never let yourself miss out on a great adventure… those are what lead to the most spell binding, page turning stories. This moment right now is a piece to your legacy, something that will grow into a powerful collection of myths and memories. Tell it all to the world… more importantly, live it all. Fall in love every chance you get, walk down the crooked roads, take the slow rides and say everything that you want to say.

I can’t stop smiling, dreaming and dancing with all the wonderful things I am finding here in New York City. There are memories wrapping around me like soft, silk velvet… they are layering over me becoming a part of my being. I know that this is a place that will lead me to my wild and crazy dreams.

One night is enough… to carry on the feeling. A living, breathing memory. A winter night… I felt beautiful under your light… the soft glow of your touch will hang onto every part of me… This is a part of my New York City… -Shaheen Miro 

With love… to the gypsies…


© Shaheen Miro 116/2011

new york dreaming

It’s a dream. That’s what this is here, New York City. I dreamt it long before, sometime toward the end of high school, I found myself wondering the streets of this concrete jungle thinking, “This is home!” I never thought I would be back here so fast… Living, breathing, and creating.

There is a hum that lives in everything here, the walls, and the streets… the people. The hum of a warm engine, a ticking time bomb, or a soft, baby kitten. Some people are cold and harsh and others are bright and open… regardless they all move fast. The thing I love about this city is that in the fast pace of it all, an in-between place exists where anything can happen… that’s where I dream.

There are things that can be a little unfavorable, such as a stampede of people at lunchtime, practically running you over, or wondering upon a puff of toxic, stench during your evening stroll for dinner… but with the good comes the sour. It’s like that in all cities. Some say you can’t see the stars, but I see them in millions of passing faces. Some say there is never peace, but I find it in the lively conversations of elderly couples on the streets. There is magic here.

I love my job. I enjoy the people I work with and the environment. Everyone is funny and positive. There is a general sense of wellbeing there. Good natured and positive intentions. I feel relaxed at work… a contrast from my previous internship. There is less creativity involved… but you know I bring a little color wherever I go.

New York city is teaching me that there is an opportunity wherever you look. Opportunities come to those who seek them out. It’s not necessarily where you are, but what you are putting out there… here there are so many wavelengths to ride on. There is something for everyone. I will keep that with me. That knowing.

My third day here, I met Patti Smith. She is a rock legend, a poet and a powerhouse of moody and evocative feelings. I felt like another muse had come down to whisper in my ear. There is something mystical about meeting the faeries of the rock and roll other world… Stevie Nicks in London, Patti Smith in New York City.  To say the lease… I was moved!

My spirit has been calling out to touch and taste something exotic. I want to consume books, images, people… I want to take in all the sights, etching them into my psyche. I see faces in the streets and I want to tell their stories. I want to tell my story. Here is the start of an amazing journey. I continue to transform… I am in a constant state of Alchemy (we all are).

New York City is a huge light, a candle burning, attracting spirits in pursuit of dreams. Sometimes it is intimidating, you feel like you are drowning in a sea of a million other lights… they shine, they beg to be seen and they disappear into the pool of nothing, everything, anything. You have to be like water here… and just go with the flow. There is no room for rigidity or fear… those are the things that break you. Those are the things that snuff your light all together. I say this as I stand at the threshold. I pray for the strength to hold tight… to continue to shine.

To the Gypsies… with love always


© Shaheen Miro 1/11/2012