Thanksgiving Giveaway!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you have amazing plans with friends and family. Get out there spread love and gratitude for the beautiful things in your life. It’s important that we always send out love and thanks for all the blessings we have… and to even bless the negative things in our lives because they serve as teachers on our path.

The more you send out love and gratitude, the more you create abundance!

This year has been crazy, exciting, and has allowed me to befriend my light and shadows. I am so thankful for all the love and good energy I have around me. I am so thankful for all the beautiful people I have met, and that I am sure to meet. AND I am so thankful for all the fabulous souls I meet right here!! 

As a thank you… I want to do a giveaway for everyone who visits me here!

Please, leave a comment below expressing something you are thankful for. And share one way that you intend to give back all the blessings you have received this year. I want to hear from you… I want to hear what sort of blessings and magic exist in your life! 

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There will be 3 winners. 

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I will announce the winners on Sunday 12/1. 

Much love,


Love Letter: Valentines’ Day Tips for Love

Dear Gypsies,

I know everyone’s looking for love! People ask about it all the time in readings, “When will I get married?”, “Where’s mr/mrs. Right”, “Will I ever date again?”, etc. And I totally understand, we all want to feel loved, and connected. Everyone want’s to share there life with someone, their hopes and dreams, their fears. It’s natural to want a companion, someone to partner. So what’s the secret?

Well, I don’t know the secret to having the relationship of your dreams, but I do have some tips that everyone can benefit from.

3 Ways to Bring Love Into Your Life:

1. Love yourself! Oh how cliche, but it’s true. You have to invest time and energy into yourself. You need to be your own best friend, explore your interest and hobbies, express your hopes and fears to yourself. And dream out loud. Who’s to say you can’t have a nice evening alone, or have a fabulous dinner by yourself? I love going out alone… dinner and a good book, or my journal! It’s all about perspective. If you can’t be open with yourself, you wont be open with anyone else!

2. Relationships do not fill holes! So many people want to find love so they can fill a hole inside of them. They have this ache, this loneliness, this sense of grieving for something they don’t have. But guess what? Relationships aren’t meant to fix you, they are meant to compliment you. If you can’t shine bright on your own, then you’ll be nothing more than a dull glow in a relationship. Begin a relationship as a way to enhance your vibrance, your balance, and your independence.

3. Step outside of your comfort zone! This sounds simple, right? This is the misstep of most people seeking love. A potential relationship could hit you on the head, but if you aren’t stepping out of your “zone” and opening up to new experiences… you’ll miss it! And, there are those that think a new relationship should just knock on the front door! It’s not gonna happen! You have to put in the effort. The Universe partners with you when you make a shift in energy… but you can’t have change, if you’re not willing to change. Love comes to those who are adventurous. That doesn’t mean you need to hunt love down, it means that you need to be open to new scenery, new people, new experiences. Be spontaneous. You never know when you’ll fall in love!

Happy Valenties day… I hope it’s filled with magic. Remember to tell someone you love them!

Ooh, PS, light a fresh red candle for romantic love and make your wishes of a future mate. Light a fresh pink candle for general love. This will fill the air with good energy!

With Love,


Winner of the Better Gnomes and Cauldrons Contest

Shaheen'sTatteredNomadOracleCoverpaperThank you everyone who participated in the contest for a deck of Shaheen’s Tattered Nomad Oracle! It was wonderful connecting with so many people, hearing your stories and sharing this special piece of art. I hope everyone enjoys learning about Lenormand, and the deck… and I hope you are able to get your very own deck!

The winner of the contest is Chase Miller! I hope he enjoys his deck 🙂

If you are interested in purchasing a deck you can email me at shaheen @

Many blessings,


Re-post: As All This Comes to An End

For the past few days the Ancient Feminine Wisdom deck has been on my mind, so while I was cleaning this evening I pulled it out. These cards are so beautifully illustrated with goddesses and heroines of Greek mythology. I decided to pull a card, asking for insight that would be relevant to everyone.

I pulled Demeter, which fittingly says at the bottom, “Letting Go”. This card is gorgeous, illustrated with the Goddess standing in a field of grain. She is an Earth goddess and is often linked with the cycles of the season’s… birth, growth, death and rebirth. She is the bringer of the winter and summer. She is the goddess of the harvest. And because of her connection to Persephone, her daughter… she represents the feelings of loss, grief and letting go.

Demeter is a reminder to us to let go of what has weighed us down this past year. It is time to let go of the worn out thoughts and feelings, the perceived failures and heartaches. It is time to walk away from the pain and disappointment and know that a new year is upon us… the wheel is beginning to turn again and a new opportunity is coming for you.

The New Year is a time of starting new projects, adapting new ideas and philosophies. It’s a time to begin doing things you have felt you should do all year, but didn’t have the courage to. Because we all respond to cycles and changes, this is the perfect time of year to allow yourself to make a shift in thinking.

Instead of just making a list of new years resolutions… also make a list of all things you want to let go of. Take your list of goals, dreams and resolutions and burn a pure white candle over them as a prayer for Divine assistance… and in that candles flame light the paper with all the things you are letting go of… and release them. Cast their ashes to the wind. This is a symbolic gesture of letting go of the old and manifesting the new.

Happy New Year and good luck to you. Sending you many blessings and pure energy.

To the gypsies… with love,


© Shaheen Miro 2011

spiritual message for the holiday weekend 12/24/2011

I know that this can be a difficult time of year and this weekend will be jam packed with people, events, stress and fun… so a here is a little insight and inspiration, a little present from the Universe. I hope all of you are well and Happy Holidays.

© Shaheen Miro 12/24/2011