Can Tea Change Your Life?


Hell Yeah! Experience a Tea Leaf Reading. You will make big changes. Find insightful answers. And definitely heal your spirit. Shaheen will be your mystical guide through the wild Wonderland of your teacup. A Tea Leaf Reading is always magical, … Continue reading

my manifestation mandala

Though this is not a Mandala in the traditional sense, it is a collage of images that spark and inspire me to push energy into my dreams. The circle is a sacred symbol of focus and divinity. It represents the spark of life in the beginning, the first bit of light from the universe unfolded from. It represents the womb of creation. The vortex to the higher realms. And the everlasting life of the spirit… which like a ring never ends.

All the things I love and dream….

All mine... my cat, my drawings and me🙂

Even if I am out of my mind or time I still have these dreams

You can say a million things, but its nothing unless they see

The black cat stands as sentinel to the realm of the unknown

Where dreams and songs and shadows make their home

So don’t question it baby… they say love is the key

If you ask for it again, you just might find what they mean

I said, “I will sing all my songs to you, I will paint you a field of dreams.”


(c) Shaheen Miro 8/22/2011