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  13. I love this site and can’t wait til I can get my personalized crystal kit for my bday on May 15. I learned about citrine from your website and can’t wait until I get to hold my very own. Because I have a lot of sadness accumulated over me. Like I’m infested with my own tears. So I’m desperately trying to possess my own. Hi Shaheen Miro. How are you, I wanted to ask what your intake is regarding, if a person was chemically dependent, will that affect they’re reading or have a negative influence on the right information and guidance that is given to them. Could that cause a mis-reading or a derailed reading ? I thank you in advance for helping me better understand my question. I hope you and your family are all doing well mentally and physically. Have a good rest of the day. Bye.

    • Hello Jessica, thank you for contacting me. Do order a crystal kit when you are ready. They are a fabulous way to work with your energy. And citrine is one of the best stones!! Since you are dealing with sadness and depression I suggest citrine, and black tourmaline for sure. Smoky Quartz would also be a helpful. As for a reading… Issues with chemical imbalance should not alter the reading or interfere. We are looking into you, your flow and your energy… So that issue would be part of the reading, and may offer some guidance on what the energetic source might be. Though you have to know going into a session that it is not therapy, and is not in any way a replacement for it. A reading gives you support and Guidacne, and can work with any kind of therapy or medical treatment. But it does not replace it. If you would like to set up a session please visit the Intuitive Guidance Sessions page… You can book different amounts of time depending on what you want to work on, etc. I look forward to chatting more. All the best!

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    • You are welcomed to purchase a egg cleansing reading. There are also some helpful tips for reading the egg in the Egg Cleansing Limpia page. Have you checked that out? The most important thing is how you feel once you’ve done the cleansing.

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