Do You Want a Chance to Truly Live?


There’s only so much you can learn in one place
The more that I wait, the more time that I waste


You are filled with so much abundant energy, power and choice. Life’s is offering you so many chances to spread your wings… To jump and fly. To find a place of your own in this mad circus. The places beyond what you know are filed with wonder. Courage can carry you to lands unknown where fleeting dreams become reality. 

Fear keeps us frozen in place. We grow sleepy to life when we find comfort in the known. Dare I say we can become comfortably numb? We trade the excitement of living boldly for the constriction of living comfortably… Wasting away precious adventures to ascend.

A million opportunities to thrive can knock on your door, but if you never answer then the journey cannot begin. 

Sometimes we have to gently glide into the unknown. Rather than dive in head first, you can dip a toe. A gentle survey of something unfamiliar can be the elixir of life. So much pain comes from rigid living. Not to instil guilt and shame… But inspire excitement. Let yourself be enticed by what you don’t know. You might find it is far more expansive than the grey walled box where you live now.

Lean in to your present experience. See where it can take you. If you don’t like the ride then choose something different. It might not seem so,  but you always have choice. The choice to choose where you are over where you could be. Or where you could be over where you are. It begins with one step.

Or a grand, elegant, completely inspired  L E AP! 

Opportunity lives in every second, of every hour, of every day that you live. A chance to begin again. Sometimes the leap starts in your mind and emotions. The internal jump is much more daring than any action you can take out here in the world. 

But what cones next is a holy thing. A chance to see yourself in techno color.

What is one thing you want to do, but are too afraid/shy/sad/old/poor/unattractive/etc to do? 

Now, what happens if you lose the doubt and dream of the possibility? 

Doesn’t that feel good. Just dreaming on the possibility. If you can dream a new world where you are not limited doors open. You begin to feel a small tingle in your back that grows into a knot of anticipation and sprouts into little wings. Each time you dare a little more those wings grow, streghthen and become more beautiful. 

Your courage to fly creates that wind that carries you. Doubt can leave you land locked, on the other side of what you want and need. Sometimes it might drop you a bit, but if you can dare to dream again you will rise up.

Reclaim your power by doing something wildly uncomfortable. I am not suggesting something that has fatal results… There is a difference between supposed danger, and actual danger. What I am advocating is stepping outside of what feels known and doing something that could make you uncomfortable…. Yet completely liberated.

Experiences makes us so much bolder. You might fear speaking your truth. What could happen? Someone shuts you down or opposes you? Maybe that is crushing if you accept their opinion as your own. But what if you choose to be completely unruly and ignore their opinion. Or, politely disagree.

Can you feel the power pulling you upward. 

Go into the world beautiful people. See what happens when you dare to see things from a new perspective. At least test your fears… See if they are really true. You might find they are nothing be precious illusions. And the truth is far more empowering.

Go out and L I V E wild, inspired and free. 

What adventure are you anxious/excited to jump into now?

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