Empowered New Year 2020 Psychic Reading Sessions

High Vibes for the Holiday and the New Year 2020

I hope the year is wrapping up beautifully for you! I have some wonderful offerings if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift or a way to start 2020 with positive energy.

Gift Certificates Available for Intuitive Guidance Sessions.

  • Give an reading as a gift! Digital or print gift certificates available.
  • Gift certificates available for 20 mins $50, 30 mins $75 or 1 hour $140.
  • Buy more than 2 gift certificates get a 10% discount.
  • Email me to get your certificates!!

New Years 2020 Readings. 

How has the past year been for you? Are you ready to let go of the weight of 2019 and move into 2020 feeling empowered, focused and ready to make magic happen?

Why not treat yourself to a Empowered New Year 2020 Psychic Reading Session?

These sessions are a psychic exploration of your 2020. You’ll discover:

  • What you need to let go of from the past year to move into 2020 with ease.
  • Where you can best direct your energy and intention to feel fluid and on-point.
  • An overarching energetic theme for the year.
  • Energetic themes for each calendar month of 2020 to help navigate blind spots, hurdles and goals.
  • How to take your “resolutions” and turn them into actionable steps.

Empowered New Year 2020 Session Include:

  • Intuitive guidance for the upcoming year.
  • Energy alchemy to clear and align your energy.
  • Each session is 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Your intention for 2020 will be added to a group Road Opener Ceremony.
  • Limited space: 10 spots available.
  • $222 per session.

What is a Road Opener Ceremony?

Road Opening work is a powerful way to clear hurdles, blocks and setbacks on your path forward.

Road Opener work is especially helpful as you begin a new chapter, project or venture in your life.

This ceremony clears stuck energy and calls on good intention to bless and protect your empowered 2019 adventure!

  • A candle will be lit and energy work done on your behalf to open the roads to success and empowerment.
  • Road Opener ceremony performed at the end of 2019.
  • Ceremony will be done privately with your consent and intention (we will write during your reading).

Ready to start your New Year Empowered?

Book your Empowered New Year 2020 Session, here! 

Ready to start your New Year Empowered?

All the best + lots of good magic!


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