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imageThe day has been so beautiful. Full of blooms, good energy and lots of spiritual insight. I spent the morning doing readings with one of my favorite psychic friends, Patricia Garry. Her and I are always right there in the hustle and bustle of things… Slinging cards and channeling Spirit. Wild little gypsy witches just bringing magic to the people.

Welcome to My World

So many interesting seekers sat across from me today. Tangled in their heads, and seeking answers about life. When I sit down with someone we are going in between worlds, touching something that cannot be seen with the physical eyes… I imagine we are drawing back a little gossamer curtain and tucking ourselves safely inside. They feel it just as much as I do. Magic circle… Sacred space.

I sat with so many beautiful ladies seeking answers and looking for their power. The message I always try to give to people is…you are magic. You can make things happen. Life is meant to be lived, explored… Painted in all your favorite colors. Yet, this always seems to come as a shock to people. It’s hard to believe that this life is yours to make what you want, isn’t it?

Seekers at the Table Meeting Strangers On the Path

The cards were falling out… Stones being laid for us to follow. We went down many paths today. But something kept happening. The 7 of Coins kept showing up. And I knew instantly that this card was expressing to all of us that the dreams, the wishes, and all the spells we have woven out there in the either are waiting… They are waiting for you to greet them into your life.

You know when you set an intention, when you dream intently upon something it raises power. And power is energy. And energy can never be destroyed. So it goes somewhere. Into a type of spiritual escrow just waiting for you to say when you are ready to receive. Or more correctly, waiting for you to allow yourself to have it. Don’t stand in your own way… You are too beautiful for that!!

The magnificent trees outside aren’t dreaming about blooming in the light of the Spring. No, look around you… They ARE blooming because that is what they intended to do. That is their divine nature. Just as it is your divine nature to be your most brilliant expression of the Creative Unknown. But Spirit is patient, and she will wait for you to get it right.

Thinking About Feeling

It begins with stopping the THINKING, and starting the FEELING. I find it so interesting that when I ask people what they feel, or what they want to feel they usually answer with… I think, blah, blah, blah. NO I asked about feeling, not thinking. They are two different things. Remember that. Remember that you can feel magic into life. It is in you, and all around you working to tingle your senses, and unwind your soul.

So what are you ready to feel into your life?

When will you be ready to show up BIG in your world?

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