How to Protect Your Energy in a Crazy World

Do you feel overwhelmed or vulnerable in public places?

I am constantly around new people, rushing on and off buses and down hectic streets. On a daily basis I feel the invasive and alien presence of other people’s energies intermingle with my own.

Ever feel that way? What the hell can you do?

People often express they feel drained, depleted and vulnerable during sessions. I know a lot of us feel drained at work or around a certain people in our daily lives. Insomnia and sleep is difficult for many of us. Even being in a certain part of the house can cause anxiety, anger or other shifting emotions.

Whats the deal?

Flimsy psychic boundaries!

Your energy is a glowing, swirling mass of color and light. It is magnetic, brilliant and sparkling. To quote Gollum, it is, “The precious!” Your energetic field, or your, aura, is your life force.

I call this your energetic story. The vibrational web that creates every part of you. If you aren’t protecting it, you’re allowing any and everyone and thing to have access to your vitality!

How can you do?

Simple: Visualize a golden light pouring from the sky like a waterfall, and flowing all around you. This this golden light as a glowing shield, bright, luminous and fiery , encasing you completely in protection.

Encode this visualization with a clear intention. Say aloud or in your mind: No harm, seen and unseen, show cross this golden protection. I am encased in a fiery wall of protection.

Sometimes I follow this with a mirrored sphere visualization that reflects outward to bounce whatever is being sent back to the sender. It’s not yours. You don’t want it.  You don’t need it. You don’t have to own it!

And to hell with people who tell you thats harmful!

Call on your spirit circle for added protection!

Call on your Spirit Circle, these are your guides, guardians, ancestors, angels and master teachers to be with you. Call on specific protectors by name. Archangel Michael is wonderful for this process. His presence is intense, vibrant, loving and extremely powerful. When he’s around negative shit stays away!

Use a protective prayer.

I am surrounded with protection.

I am encircled in golden light.

I am fortified in all directions.

Against all harm seen and unseen.

With the power of the Divine.

So Shall it Be.

Wear a talisman of protection.

This can be a religious charm or curio. A stone like, Black Tourmaline. A charm bag or mojo. Even an oil that evokes a sense of security. Use whatever invokes a sense of protection and security around you.

Be mindful that whenever you are in crowded places especially you are more vulnerable to others latching onto your energy. So you may wish to have a ritual of sorts to do often or on the spot if needed.

Always Practice Spiritual Cleansing and Protection! 

If you aren’t psychically protected what you can experience is a feeling of being drained, angry, anxious, depressed, physically sick and spaced out. Basically it is the affect of either people pulling at your energy and draining it, or you taking on the energy of other people; you either become victim to a psychic vampire (someone who sucks away your essence) or you pick up empathetic impressions (you take on the emotions/ mental state of someone else). White light helps to avoid this.

Try it before taking the bus to work, or before going into a stressful meeting or entering a busy coffee shop. See how you feel afterwards. I promise it will help.

Share your thoughts, questions and experiences below!

@ Shaheen Miro 7/11/2011



  1. EWALD THEODORE VON FISCHERMAN on July 23, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    Dear Shaheen, I have had you in my thoughts and in the cLoak of protection even though i have been very bombarded with new people and lots of social energies with gay pride and such I wanted to provide you with some insights from my own psychic storehouse first off your mother needs to heal from the tragedy with the dr and the family that was murdered they are fine in the spirit world she needs to let it go back to the white light they are at peace now and your mother needs to stop feeling guilty I know it was before you were born and she may not even have told you about it 2nd you are correct your guardian angel is the archangel Michael we speak regularity about you 3rd I am 900 years old i have had 9 reincarnations and i go back to the early christians back to nero pharoh whicH i was one druids, elves ,and fariees also the unicorns etc I can tell you now I am from a alien world planet and am called a nordic alien the difference its i look humanoid but i have some special gifts from that world it happened when i was 7 years old the ship took me back home redid the wireing so to speak and then dropped me back on this planet and time what is happening on earth at This time is the collective energies of the pIsces group which are aliens are transforming the planet with subtle changes only we are fully aware of as we can change the weather and sun light patterns due to out super high energy you were sort of assigned to me at the fashion show and i will be near if you need me in the spirit form my familiars are the cat world so cats are always near me and do my bidding you are also a older soul and were a druid and celtic group at one time hense england and the changes you will be going through you will be more in tune and more aware as some of my white light does travel to you! so dear one Know that you will always be safe and protected bye the GODS AND GODDESSES OF OLDEN TIMES WITH LOVE AND AFFECTION I REMAIN BARON EWALD THEODORE VON FISCHEMAN AKA TED FISCHER HAHA THAT WAS THE BABY SECRET I HAVE

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