Happy Halloween

Samhain or Halloween (as it is more commonly know) is a time to honor those who have passed, including the parts of ourselves that we are learning to let go of. This time of year creates a gateway that helps us step through space and time, and more importantly into the mysterious world of our inner universe.

I urge you to follow the whispering winds of the season as they pull you into the silent places within. Find a place of sacred mediation and learn to hear your inner voice… your intuition. This will help you bare the chill of Winter so that you can be fresh and new once the Spring returns.

The majority of us feel that something is missing in our lives; whether it is love, career, money or even our life purpose. It can be a miserable search and many of us become jaded because of multiple “failed” attempts. It’s powerful to see how many of the things you seek will find you when you begin looking within! 

I invite you to take the time to be silent. Wrap yourself in something warm, bring to this reverent moment all that has troubled you… close your eyes and give it to the universe. Be still and call to your inner light… ask, “what wisdom can you offer me?”

After, all you need to do is be mindful and LISTEN!

Your intuition will find a way to speak to you that you will best understand… so don’t discount anything. Call on your ancestors, your guides, and your Angels… that’s what this time of years is about… Light a white candle to honor them and invite their influence into your life.

© Shaheen Miro 2014

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  1. Norma on October 31, 2014 at 10:44 am

    Hello Shaheen: thank you for that wonderful advise. To my surprise, I just did what you have recommended gave my troubles to the universe. Today, I feel different and at peace. thank you again. Many Blessings…..

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