Healing Crystal Grid for Peace and Acceptance

crystal grid for peace and acceptance

Collective Crystal Healing Grid for Peace and Acceptance. This is for anyone who is need of these energies. I invite you to work with this crystal grid for peace and acceptance. Meditate with this energy medicine window to help you release whatever troubles you.

Each stone ally has been selected and graciously asked to help you find peace and acceptance in your life. Offer your heavy thoughts and feelings to this mandala and feel everything being transmuted.

When I build an energy medicine window I like to include stones, crystals, talismans and oracle cards to create a beautiful mandala. For this grid I choose three tarot card from The Enchanted Tarot. My copy of this deck has been with me since I was eight years old. It was the first deck my momma let me choose for myself! 

How to work with this crystal grid

Take 5 to 10 minutes or longer if you’d like to sit in a relaxed pose. You can print this photo or pull it up on your device. Lightly gaze at the energy medicine window allowing yourself to feel the crystalline intention transmitted through each stone.

Imagine all that weighs heavy on your head, heart and life being sent the center of the crystal grid to be released. Just notice how you feel. Let the sensations move through you. You are cultivating a fertile space for something new to take root and bloom into your life.

With the Empress card this medicine window calls on the power of the Divine Feminine to sooth and heal sorrow. The three of cups to imbue your life with tranquility. And the four of swords for sacred surrender where acceptance can be found. Together these three cards convey a very clear affirmation of healing for peace and acceptance. 

Using Crystal Grids for Spiritual Work 

Working with crystal energy holds a special place in my spiritual practice. Crystals are beautiful allies for energy work. Approach each crystal with honor and respect. I always ask each stone if they would like to aid in my ceremony. I offer incense smoke to the whole mandala as a sign of gratitude and reverence. 

Crystal allies used in this medicine window are pink aragonite for patience and acceptance, purple fluorite for healing, amethyst to bring clarity and direction, blue goldstone to reduce anxiety, lepidolite for transitions, blue lace agate for peace and clear quartz to move energy outward.

I dedicate this Crystal Healing Grid for Peace and Acceptance to the collective. Come back to this grid whenever you need it. You can make a daily practice of working with this image or you can build a grid of your very own using this as a platform. 

Journal on this question for ongoing peace and acceptance work: 

What can you do now to cultivate more peace and acceptance in your life?

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crystal grid for peace and acceptance

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