The Hell With Security Go into the Wild Unknown

Don’t hide yourself, baby! You are too precious of a treasure to be hidden from the world. Even when you feel weak, know that there is so much magic inside of you just waiting to burst out and transform everything. I know how it feels to be stuck, like your walking with lead on your feet… but you know what, you can do that look too. Strut slow and sexy, be sultry. No one can do you, the way you do it. Don’t be shy, feel yourself, feel your power, feel your grace and live your potential.

When you find yourself out here spinning around in circles and feeling lonely just remember that someone, somewhere is feeling the same. We have to remind ourselves that we aren’t alone and we can raise each other up, by raising ourselves up first. There is this disparity between self-care and selfishness that has permeated far too many of our heads and hearts. But the truth is, if you aren’t taking care of your, you can’t do anything for anyone else.

Being well, doesn’t mean being without struggle, stress, or pain. It means acknowledging where you are, and what you’re going through, and making steps toward something better. If you’re not willing to change, to grow, to let old parts of yourself die, so new parts can bloom, then you have no excuse when things are falling a part. Take your power back and know that you can go into your darkness and uncertainty and come out on the other side. You have an inner guidance system inside of you, its your magic, your deepest feelings, your desires. 

Stop for moment when things feel shitty and just sit with the feeling. If you feel angry, then be angry. Don’t swallow your feelings, because you’ll be imbibing on poison. Explore your feelings. Make love to your pain, dance out your sorrow, punch the fuck out of your anger and cry out your loneliness. Whatever you do, go through it, and choose to get on the other side of it. 

Standing at the foot of your mountains can be intimidating. Your heart sinks, your fears run rampant. Your paralyzed by all the scenarios fueled by your fear. In that instance you’ve enlarged your mountain, and stopped yourself from getting to the other side. You could just endure your life at the base of your struggle, or say… the hell with it I am going in at least then I have a chance to live something different.

Go into the unknown and find what you’re looking for. You’re desire is proof that something else exist out there. There is more to this world than than the hurdles and disappointment. Choose to do them, rather than let them do you.

When you feel afraid what is your first instinct? 

Try this:

Feel your feelings. Go into them and don’t sensor. Get it out of your head and out of your system. Then put one damn foot in front of the other and go into it… go into the wild unknown. That is the only way you’ll get out of limbo and into your magic. I promise… You will find what you’re looking for, but only if you keep seeking it and KNOW that it is seeking you. 

And when you need to rest. Just rest. Sit with the shadows. Let them dance around you. See what secrets they hold. Recharge, and get moving again. I’m right there with you…so you’re not alone!

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