How is Your Belief Creating Your Reality


Manifesting your desires begins with your point of attraction. Your point of attraction is the unique energy pattern you are creating through your thoughts, beliefs and actions… this vibration sets everything in your life into motion… attracting and repelling different circumstances and experiences to you. 

Since your thoughts, beliefs and actions are your point of attraction you have to take an honest look at what you believe to be true for you as a person living in this world. You must look at how your thoughts follow this line of belief. And how you act upon these thoughts.

These three things together activate your emotional response imbuing them with a strong energetic charge or vibration… and as the old adage goes… like attracts like. So whatever you give strong feeling to, becomes true for you. 

When you have taken a hard look at your current point of attraction begin to question it. Is it true? If you tend to have negative beliefs or thoughts, or tend to see the world as an unfriendly place… ask yourself is it true? Do you have proof? 

People who tend to stay stuck in a lower vibration are working from a core belief that they are not good enough, or undeserving of whatever they seek… or that the goodness of life just isn’t for them because of their unique circumstance. Working from this place they look for experiences that prove this “truth”… but if you learn to pivot your perspective and look for experiences that disprove those limiting beliefs you shift your point of attraction… even if it is just a little tiny bit.

For example: If you believe that money is evil, or elusive then you probably struggle with money. But money is nothing more than vibration and an exchange of energy from one person to another… so money is not inherently evil, but your experience coupled with your perspective has brought you to that place. But is that belief true?

Can you name an example in your life, or the life of someone else that money has been good, lasting, uplifting, a blessing? 

I am sure you can!

So if you can at least pivot on the idea that money is evil to money is sometimes good… then you begin to attract more experiences that prove money is sometimes good. 

The same is true for romance. If you are working from a vibrational belief that romance is never lasting and hard to find then you probably struggle in that department. But is it true that romance is fleeting and hard to find? What success stories have you seen or heard about?

Pivot! Be open to the idea that if it worked for someone else then it can work for you!

Because, WHY NOT? 

Asking is it true can be a powerful step into shifting your belief.

Asking WHY NOT causes a similar shift.

Open yourself to possibility. Creating a life of magic begins with possibility because at every corner there is the possibility of something going one way or the other. Standing on the fulcrum of possibility puts you in the position of choice… to go in one direction or the other. Rather than deciding what that direction will be before it even unfolds.

Play with these ideas… 

Share your thoughts below!

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