How to Grow Your Soul in Darkness


Dark times come knocking on our door when we least expect it. The slow dissent into our personal storm is something that each one of us knows all to well. Some of us find the eye, where we can dance and take refuge, and others become wind swept, weathered and fragile. Finding your way out can seem like an endless task. The harder you push, the harder the darkness pushes back. 

What if we stopped trying? What if we slipped into the present darkness and felt every nuance of our pain, our fear and our anger? If you look into the storm and see nothing but an enemy then you are welcoming a fight. But what if the chaos is a wise teacher? 

Growing Our Soul

Life gives us many opportunities to grow our souls. To find power and grace. And at the same time to stumble, to fall back and become “stuck”. It is all  matter of intention and perspective. When I am wrapped in the arms of the unknown I become a bit claustrophobic. Initially I am met with unease because I know the path is about to become… interesting.

It is oaky to freak out. Let those emotions move through you. A sweet release of fear and uncertainty. Power comes in moments of pure expression… light and dark. Let the darkness move you. Let darkness move through you. Remind yourself that the simplest acts of just being are all that you can expect from yourself. 

Dropping the Act

Drop the act of responsibility. As Elizabeth Gilbert says, “Responsibility is what you choose to respond to.” A profound flip of perspective… wouldn’t you say! You don’t have to respond to anything if it doesn’t speak to your soul. There is no rule that says you need to be bound to every single thing that comes your way. In fact, most of those moments when we feel responsible and our head pushes us to say yes… spirit is actually asking you to choose your wellbeing and say NO! 

I am choosing to say NO right now to a lot of things. I have to trust the fragility of my spirit as a sign of big growth and deep magic. Magic is the blood of change and miracles. Magic comes silent as the night and wild as the wind. When you invoke her she knows you want something to be different, but isn’t concerned with it being your way… the easy way. 

A gift comes in those wild, crazy, chaotic, and completely uncertain moments. You have been given the gift of possibility. Activate your curiosity and fall deeper into the land of shifting faces, and strange events. There is something to be found there. 

When I am in the dark… I wisher gently to my shadow… what do you want to show me? Then I see what comes up. What feelings move through me. What thoughts or ideas seem to bubble up. What sensations to have in my body. Your soul is really just trying to get you to stop, and listen. To be! 

The Gift of Permission

I am constantly giving myself permission to be with my experience. Time sensitivity is something I battle with. Feeling like I need to get so much done, in so little time. But this idea of time and work and doing is something our analytical mind has created. A powerful assertion of authority from our Solar-ego-self. When really our Lunar-intuitive-self is what needs more love and affection.

Being in the moment is so healing. Just let spirit guide you. Let your Lunar self step forward and move you into that velvet underground where magic happens and curiosity reins supreme. My most healing moments have been found when I let go of control and dance with the unknown.

It is so easy to begin to feel like your life is a prison. Your spine becomes steel. Your mind becomes shackled. Your head is buzzing with tension, expectation, guilt and fear. You are never lost. You are never missing out. More than anything… you might not be paying attention. We forget to be sensitive and perceptive with our needs and desires. Your dreams, your goals, your desires are something that can guide you into your greatness. You are not defeated right now… just a little depleted of your inner resources. 

An Exercise in Releasing Tension

Take a few moments to just sit here. Feel these words move through your being. Let your thoughts unwind and do as they will. Then breathe deeply. Sip in the cool air. Let the magic unwind within you, and fill you with light. Tense your whole body from head to toe. Hold it for a second. Then release everything!! RELEASE EVERYTHING! 

Do you feel that tingling in your muscles, and the space between your joints? 

That is how magic feels! The warm sensation of letting go and letting yourself be. You have rung out your body, but also your have moved energy blocked within your spirit. Do this daily and see what happens.

In that moment of tension when all your muscles were contracted things felt stuck, didn’t they? You felt an ache all over. Maybe you felt unwell. Maybe your head began to pound. Now imagine that your whole life feels that way… because it does when you rage against change. That is the texture and quality of resistant living. You become brittle and break away in the storm until nothing is left but pieces. 

It doesn’t have to be that way, beautiful soul. Let your spirit glide forward. You have all the resources within you. You can choose to thrive. You can choose to be magic. 

Let me leave you with this powerful affirmation: 

My soul steps forward into the dance of life filling me with magic… moving me with grace. I give myself all things that feed my spirit and slip into the place of Divine Design.

Use this affirmation daily. Repeat it to yourself when you are feeling lost, dark, tense or fearful. Good can come if you open to it. Grace is about movement.

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